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Comparison of EngageBay with Salesforce

Key Features Salesforce EngageBay
Email marketing
Extra $
Marketing automation
Extra $
360 ° customer view
Calls/Text messages
Extra $
Live Chat & Helpdesk
Extra $
Training & Support
Extra $

Built with love for growing companies

  • Save upto 90% of costs without losing features.
  • All-in-one CRM with email marketing and marketing automation.
  • 360-degree view of all customer activities on a single platform.
  • Powerful landing pages and live chat software to convert visitors into customers.
  • Award-winning customer support to help you round the clock.
Trusted By Over 46000 Customers

Why EngageBay is the best alternative to Salesforce

  • 1

    Costs: Salesforce is an over-priced software. It may be an ideal choice for companies with HUGE budgets but for most small businesses, it drains budgets quickly. The charges keep increasing very rapidly as you add other features like marketing automation, helpdesk, etc. Save upto 90% of costs by moving to EngageBay without worrying about losing features.

  • 2

    Unified customer view: Get a unified customer view across marketing, sales and support teams. Say goodbye to data silos across teams.

  • 3

    Helpdesk and Live chat: Get a powerful live chat software included with marketing and sales software to increase engagement.

  • 4

    Marketing and sales automation: Automate your marketing and sales processes using our sales and marketing automation software. Our visual drag and drop designer makes it so easy to automate.

  • 5

    Landing Pages: Convert your casual web visitors into happy customers using beautiful and converting landing pages.

  • 6

    Advanced CRM: Streamline your sales processes and stay organized using our powerful CRM. Get access to cutting-edge sales features like 2-way telephony and messaging, sales proposals and more.

  • 7

    Email sequences: Nurture your prospects by scheduling emails to be sent at regular intervals. Setup email templates and execution rules once and EngageBay will do the rest while you can focus on other things.

  • 8

    Multi-channel engagement: Engage and nurture your prospects across multiple channels including email, SMS/text, twitter and other social channels.

  • 9

    User experience: Say goodbye to automation worries. EngageBay provides the most seamless sales and marketing automation experience.

  • 10

    Built for growing companies: EngageBay is built with love for growing companies. All our pricing plans are tailor-made for small and growing businesses.

Marketing Expert from WebXpertos

I wanted to recommend EngageBay to all those small businesses out there that are looking to grow their businesses through a marketing and sales automation platform. We've been able to see a great adaption of our agency clients to the EngageBay platform and being able to leverage their digital marketing efforts.

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true power of integrated platform 360 degree customer view

360 degree customer view

In Salesforce, a contact is nothing but means to an end. Sales teams often have to dig through the tool to find details about a single customer. That ends with EngageBay - our 360 degree view of every customer pulls data from different modules. It shows you the complete history of interactions with that customer.

Get a 360 degree customer view of every customer across marketing, sales and support departments in one unified platform. It helps all the departments in your organization view the customer record from one source of truth. Say goodbye to miscommunications and data spread in silos across departments and tools.

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engagebay integrated live chat and helpdesk Integrated support tools - live chat and helpdesk

Integrated support tools - live chat and helpdesk

Happy customers are the most important brand ambassadors any business could ever have! Turn your customers to delighted brand ambassadors using powerful support tools like helpdesk and live chat. Since these tools are integrated with the marketing and sales components, your support agents can get a complete 360 degree view of the customer to support better.

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Free migration and onboarding engagebay Free migration and onboarding

Free migration and onboarding

EngageBay provides free migration and onboarding to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. Our dedicated account representatives will provide you with the marketing and sales best practices to boost your business growth.

Pair stunning landing pages with your emails
Free migration and onboarding engagebay Pair stunning landing pages with your emails

Pair stunning landing pages with your emails

As a Salesforce user, you might have to pay for an additional tool for landing pages. While the EngageBay platform is built for small businesses, our landing page designer is anything but small. In fact, it is even more powerful than our email designer. You can finally stop constructing your landing pages, and truly “design” them. Does any other alternative to Salesforce provide that?

EngageBay is the best Salesforce Alternative

Get more power at a better price.

Feature by Feature Comparison with Salesforce

EngageBay offers Marketing, Service (live chat and helpdesk), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Sales modules. Customers can buy them separately or as a single all-in-one suite. All-in-one suite saves a lot of money and time, provides better insights, better reporting, reduced data inconsistencies, eliminates the need for complex integrations and data duplications while providing a holistic view of the customer across the departments.

EngageBay packs powerful sales and CRM functionality with a remarkably intuitive interface. With zero upfront costs and no training required, it's up and running in minutes!

Here is how EngageBay compares with Salesforce at individual feature level.

CRM & Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement helps your sales team improve efficiency. Automating sales processes save hours every day for each sales agent so they can focus on selling.

While Salesforce and EngageBay offer CRM and sales enablement, EngageBay provides the features at a much better price and does not cost a bomb to scale.

Salesforce EngageBay
Contacts and companies
Deal management
Task management
Sales workflow automation
Manage deals visually
Custom fields
Contact filters
360 degree contact view
Send proposals from CRM
Higher plans
Manage teams
Higher plans
Account based marketing
Appointment scheduling
Gamification and leaderboards
Higher plans
Services/Support module

EngageBay has an integrated service module to help growing companies deliver world class support and turn visitors to delighted customers. In the current age, delighted customers are the best brand ambassadors and marketers for your business.

Salesforce does not offer any live chat functionality or a helpdesk system by default. You need to purchase the service module separately. EngageBay on the other hand offers an advanced live chat system integrated with helpdesk software making it the obvious choice for an Salesforce alternative.

Salesforce EngageBay
Live chat
Helpdesk and ticketing
Additional $
Marketing & Sales Automation

EngageBay offers powerful marketing automation features to help your marketing and sales teams engage and nurture your prospects. Automate your marketing and sales processes and grow your revenue substantially. With EngageBay, you can create multi-step and multi-channel marketing automation campaigns in minutes using a simple but powerful visual builder. EngageBay is the best Salesforce alternative at an affordable price.

Salesforce EngageBay
Marketing Automation
Extra $ (Pardot)
Track website visitors
Visual builder
SMS/Text marketing
Extra $
Landing Pages
Extra $
Sales automation
Extra $
Social Suite
Extra $
A/B testing
Extra $
Behavior based marketing
Extra $
Customer life-cycle marketing
Extra $
Web Analytics

EngageBay makes it simple to track your customers and their activities. EngageBay provides real-time notifications on customer events like opening an email, clicking a link or visiting your web pages. You can create automations on such events like creating a task for your agent to call or email the customer, add a tag for better customer segmentation or more.

The advanced analytics part of EngageBay makes it a perfect Salesforce alternative.

Salesforce EngageBay
Web Analytics
Extra $
Developer API

Both Salesforce and EngageBay offers extensive API access to all the data points. EngageBay's API is available in Rest, Java,.Net, Javascript and PHP.

Salesforce EngageBay
API Access
Higher plans only
All plans

Data migration, onboarding and support is free of cost with EngageBay. Salesforce has paid support plans starting at $1500 per year.

Salesforce EngageBay
Free unlimited support

Reports are the most critical for any business to monitor growth. When compared to Salesforce, EngageBay has a holistic reporting module to provide you with deep and meaningful insights. Salesforce does not provide reporting around forms, landing pages and critical sales and services modules. All these will not help you get an overall picture of the efficiency of your marketing and sales processes. On the otherhand, EngageBay provides you lot of data points and key metrics across all the departments - marketing, sales and customer service making it the perfect alternative to Salesforce.

Salesforce EngageBay
Daily email reports
Sales reports
Funnel Reports
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