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Video Testimonial from Lauraine: Why She Recommends EngageBay

Here’s a video testimonial from Lauraine, Founder Director of a financial firm, who recommends EngageBay as the best solution for small business owners. Moving from pricey CRM products to EngageBay can help solopreneurs and small businesses save a fortune in their marketing costs, she says. Watch this video to know how EngageBay’s functionality pushed Lauraine to try bigger and better things.

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Client Testimonials

Benefits of Free Live Chat Software

Unlimited Websites

Install the live chat widget on as many websites and blogs as you want at no additional cost.


Customize the chat widget completely to suit your website. Mix and match from a range of bright colors and cool options.

Chat Shortcuts

Save time by creating shortcuts for common answers and replies. Create and access all your shortcuts with just a click right from EngageBay LiveChat.

Transfer Chats

Not all queries can be resolved without escalation. Some may need support from more knowledgeable team members. EngageBay enable seamless and quick transfer of live chats for quick and easy resolution.

Continuous Chats

Our live chat widget follows your website visitors across web pages. This way, your prospects and customers get a seamless, continuous chat experience without having to pause their surfing.

Email Transcript

Email the chat transcript to the customer for reference as soon as the agent is done with the chat. Delight your customers and turn them into brand promoters.

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