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SharpSpring alternative

EngageBay - The Perfect SharpSpring Alternative

EngageBay provides all the features of SharpSpring at a much better price and delivers more value making it the best SharpSpring alternative.

The Best SharpSpring Alternative

SharpSpring vs EngageBay


Plan Type:

20,000 Contacts





  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Service Automation
$ 1,250 /month
paid yearly

Plan Type:






  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Service Automation
$ 64 /month
paid yearly

Built with love for growing companies

  • Save upto 90% of costs by moving to EngageBay without losing features.
  • No mandatory on-boarding training fee. All customers on-boarded for free.
  • Say goodbye to annual contracts. Pay monthly and cancel whenever you wish.
  • Simple implementation and maintenance. No expensive third-party experts required.

Trusted by over 15,000 customers

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Why Choose EngageBay?

Huge savings
SharpSpring is an over-priced software. Save upto 90% of costs by moving to EngageBay without worrying about losing features.
On-boarding fees
No on-boarding fees
SharpSpring has a mandatory on-boarding training fee. EngageBay on-boards all its customers (including the ones on free plan) completely for free. We will help you to be successful from the minute you signup with us.
Say bye to annual contracts
Say goodbye to annual contracts. EngageBay requires no mandatory annual pricing contracts. You can pay monthly and cancel whenever you wish with no hassles.
Low maintenance costs
SharpSpring needs experts to implement and maintain the system. EngageBay is much similar to SharpSpring and provides 24x7 support. No need to pay third-party experts anymore.
Built for growing companies
Built for growing companies
EngageBay is built with love for growing companies. All our pricing plans are tailor-made for small and growing businesses.
No locking-in
Freedom to use your own CMS (Content Management System). EngageBay integrates with popular CMS systems like WordPress etc so your blog is not locked with any one system.
Scalability costs
Scalability costs
With SharpSpring, you have to upgrade your plan and pay more whenever your list grows. EngageBay offers the highest number of contacts/subscribers compared to any of the other marketing or sales software in the market. You can grow your business without worrying about increased costs. Our least expensive plan gives you 2.5 times more contacts at less than one-fifth of price of similar plan at SharpSpring. We offer 100,000 contacts in our Enterprise plan - this is 10X higher than SharpSpring's most expensive plan. Get more out of your marketing money.
SharpSpring vs EngageBay
SharpSpring alternatives Get more out of your marketing money

Get more out of your marketing money

When looking for SharpSpring alternatives, clients want lower prices and value for their money. Our least expensive plan gives you 2.5 times more contacts at less than one-fifth of price of similar plan at SharpSpring. We offer 100,000 contacts in our Enterprise plan - this is 10X higher than SharpSpring’s most expensive plan.

SharpSpring competitor
No annual commitments required

No annual commitments required

At EngageBay, we have monthly and annual payments for all plans. You can try out any plan for as many months as you like, before you pay for the full year. No need to hastily buy an annual plan and then regret wasting your money. If you are unhappy, don’t renew the plan. That’s another way how EngageBay is friendly to small businesses!

Engagebay works pretty well with my business. I was using ActiveCampaign but the costs were adding up quite quickly. I tried other platforms but the automation sequence offered by ActiveCampaign is not easy to find, until, I got Engagebay. The platforms offer an awesome automation platform for emails, plus landing pages and forms. It works quite well and can be a perfect substitute.
testimonial by Leonardo

Leonardo W.

Founder, Wolff Consultoria
The software is easy to set up and implement. I feel EngageBay is quickly becoming a marketing automation competitor to the premium SAAS offerings. EngageBay's customer support has been very responsive and helped me resolve an implementation issue almost immediately.
testimonial by Shawn

Shawn L.

Marketing Manager, List Biological Laboratories, Inc
All its tools and functions are good, but what I like most are the automation and programming in social networks along with landing pages, pop-ups, and forms that together help me increase traffic and in the short term generate sales.
testimonial by Dioshai

Dioshai G.

Web Developer, Huawei Technologies
Most basic and advanced tools you need in your online business is inside Engagebay, from lead generation, email marketing, page builder, CRM (alternative for SharpSpring and Infusionsoft) and my most favorite is the marketing automation.
testimonial by Jan

Jan Patrick T.

Executive Managing Broker, Greatway Financial Inc.
This product is just like SharpSpring. I cannot believe the price, so far I've used it for 2 weeks and those guys have added 2 features more.
testimonial by Ivana

Ivana B.

Founder, New Marketing.Agency
I like how they give you access to all these marketing and CRM/sales features in one dashboard. It could easily replace a number of other tools you are using right now. Pricing is fair for what you get too and I also really like the file repository feature that bigger marketing teams will really appreciate. I would be happy to recommend this tool to my clients.
testimonial by Paul

Paul T.

eMarketing Strategist, Paul Therond Consulting
I love the landing page builder and ability to import a URL and basically create any type of landing page. This makes creating funnels super easy. You can then customize it to suit your needs. I also liked the fact that the landing pages and automation were all in the same tool. This saves time and makes it so much easier to do email marketing.
testimonial by Vandana

Vandana Taxali

Intellectual Property, Digital Media & Entertainment Lawyer
Here are so many things you can do with EngageBay. If you are into scored lead-management, it has many features for that. It has VERY impressive landing page builders and email templates. That alone makes it a very quality service.
testimonial by Kyle

Kyle L.

Web Developer, design & develop
I highly recommend the tool. It's an awesome tool for a startup like us.
testimonial by Garma

Garma Gay D.

Technical Helpdesk Support Analyst, Atos
A full-featured marketing platform. With this, you have all you need to get started and succeed. Having all in one platform make any marketer job much easier.
testimonial by Santiago

Santiago B.

Southern Europe Director, Triptease
Enabled me to easily capture details of interested parties for my products. Ease of use Feature set. Excellent customer service.
testimonial by raymond

Raymond B.

IT Project Manager, BespokeIT/Corp Networking Limited
It covers everything a small business sales/marketing team needs.
testimonial by Gergely

Gergely Csaba N.

Online Marketing, Chamaileon

EngageBay is the best SharpSpring Alternative

Get more power at a better price.

Feature by Feature Comparison with SharpSpring

EngageBay offers Marketing, Service (live chat and helpdesk), CRM and Sales modules. Customers can buy them separately or as a single all-in-one suite. The All-in-one suite saves a lot of money and time, provides better insights, better reporting, reduced data inconsistencies, eliminates the need for complex integrations and data duplications while providing a holistic view of the customer across the departments.

SharpSpring is expensive, offers powerful marketing automation, but it can take months of training and expensive contractual commitments to harness this power. EngageBay packs powerful sales and marketing functionality with a remarkably intuitive interface. With zero upfront costs and no training required, it's up and running in minutes!

Here is how EngageBay compares with SharpSpring at individual feature level.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Pricing & Plans
Plans start from $550/m
Plans start from $8.99/m
Mandatory and paid
Included - FREE
Implementation time
Several weeks
Few hours
Annual commitment

SharpSpring is an over-priced software and remains unaffordable for most small and growing companies around the world. Let us look at the exact numbers. For the starter plan, SharpSpring charges $550 per month for 1500 contacts. One of their more expensive plans is around $1250 per month for just 20,000 contacts. On the other hand, EngageBay is one of the most feature-rich software yet super affordable for businesses of any size. It also allows you to manage unlimited contacts and charges for the number of emails used. Plans start at $7.99 per month for 10,000 contacts.

Refer the pricing page for more details.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Starter plan
$550/mo - 1500 contacts
$7.99/mo - 10,000 contacts
Intermediate plan
$850/mo - 10,000 contacts
$14.99/mo - 20,000 contacts
Advanced plan
$1250/mo - 20,000 contacts
$29.99/mo - 30,000 contacts
High level features

Both SharpSpring and EngageBay are integrated sales, marketing and service software for growing companies. They offer identical feature sets. However, EngageBay is much more affordable and simple to use and hence is the right alternative to SharpSpring for small businesses.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Social Media Marketing
Landing pages
Sales Automation
CRM Software
Helpdesk Software
Web Popups
Email Marketing

EngageBay and SharpSpring both provide sophisticated email marketing services including drag and drop designer, advanced campaign management, in-depth reports and more. However, SharpSpring provides very limited number of contacts in their plans to run email marketing campaigns on. For instance, their $550/month plan provides 1500 contacts only and their higher plan of $1250/month provides 20,000 contacts. Additional contacts are charged and the overall pricing for their system increases drastically as you add more contacts.

On the other hand, EngageBay's $49.99/month plan provides unlimited contacts making it the best SharpSpring alternative for email marketing at an affordable price.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Email broadcasts
Drag and drop designer
Campaign reports
Unlimited contacts
Marketing Automation

While both EngageBay and SharpSpring offer Marketing Automation functionality, EngageBay is simpler to use and offers more powerful marketing automation features. Also, SharpSpring marketing automation feature is available in the $800 per month paid annually plan while EngageBay offers it in its Growth plan ($29 monthly). With EngageBay, one can create multi-step and multi-channel marketing automation campaigns in minutes using a simple but powerful visual builder. EngageBay is the best SharpSpring alternative for marketing automation at an affordable price.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Multi-step campaigns
Multi-channel campaigns
Visual builder
Email sequences
Behavior based marketing
Customer life-cycle marketing
Triggered campaigns
Push Notifications
Automated Voice Broadcast
Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement helps your sales team improve their efficiency. Automating sales processes save hours every day for each sales agent so they can focus on selling. Unlike SharpSpring, setting up sales automations is simple and does not need long implementation cycles and experts.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Calls/SMS from CRM
Schedule appointments
Account based marketing
Email Personalization
Customer Segmentation
Deals Automation
Custom Leaderboards

CRM Software

EngageBay and SharpSpring offer a feature-rich CRM for unlimited users for free. However, the most popular free SharpSpring competitor, EngageBay's free CRM system is much simpler to use and is integrated well with the marketing, sales and support software.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Leads, Contacts, Companies
360˚ Contact View (Sales, Marketing & Service)
Deal Tracks/Pipelines & Milestones/Stages
Email Integration
Activity Timelines
Advanced Filters & Bulk Actions
Events & Tasks
Import & Export
Contextual Custom Fields

While SharpSpring provides web visitor analytics, they are fairly limited and are expensive to implement and maintain. EngageBay makes it simple to track your customers and their activities. Engagebay provides real-time notifications on customer events like opening an email, clicking a link or visiting your web pages. You can create automations on such events like creating a task for your agent to call or email the customer, add a tag for better customer segmentation or more.

The advanced analytics part of EngageBay makes it a perfect SharpSpring alternative.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Email Tracking
Email open notifications
Link click notifications
Web visitor tracking
Triggers in automations
Social media suite

EngageBay and SharpSpring both are at par with each other in their social automation features.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Social Media Integration
Social Media Monitoring
Social Updates
Engage web visitors and capture leads

EngageBay provides a powerful way to engage web visitors and capture leads . Create cool web popups and show them to your web visitors at the right time. Boost sales by showing offers, discounts at the right time.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Personalized/Timed Pop-ups
Lead capture forms
Ready to use templates
Developer API

Both SharpSpring and EngageBay offer extensive API access to all the data points. EngageBay's API is available in Rest, Java, .Net, Javascript and PHP.

SharpSpring EngageBay
API Access

SharpSpring and EngageBay integrate with popular invoicing apps like Freshbooks and Xero. For payment processing, EngageBay integrates with Stripe. More integrations will be added so our customers have a wide choice to pick any invoicing and payments apps they prefer.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Freshbooks and Xero integrations
Subscription Payments
Stripe integration

Reports are the most critical for any business to monitor growth. EngageBay has a holistic reporting module to provide you with deep and meaningful insights. EngageBay is the perfect alternative to SharpSpring.

SharpSpring EngageBay
Daily email reports
Sales reports
Email Campaign reports
E-Commerce Reports
Growth Analysis
Funnel Reports

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • I am on a low budget. What do I get for free on EngageBay?

    EngageBay’s Free Plan provides $20 worth of emails for free. So you have enough resources to leverage email marketing for growth in those early days.

    You also get up to 5 free landing pages.

    SharpSpring doesn’t give you more than a stack of emails for free. Yes, they have unlimited contacts but you can only store them. There is no list creation or email marketing available in SharpSpring’s Forever Free plan. This makes EngageBay the best SharpSpring competitor.

  • Because you have different sections for marketing and sales teams, is there a possibility of mis-communication in the team?

    At EngageBay, we have identified mis-communication between the marketing and sales team as the biggest productivity killer.

    We divided the two sections as both teams perform a largely different set of tasks. We could create a combined interface. It would have become complicated and then you would take a long time to learn on your own.

    Be rest assured. Our design works for you and everyone in your team. Both sections, marketing and sales, access the same data. This reduces and almost nullifies the effect of mis-communication between the teams.

  • Do you also charge an on-boarding fee like SharpSpring?

    On top of astronomical prices, SharpSpring also charges an onboarding fee; they train you and your team for this fee. Depending on the plan you buy, SharpSpring’s onboarding fee could be anywhere between $600 and $3000.

    We don’t serve the same set of customers like SharpSpring. Our pricing and design are optimized for smaller and younger business who aspire to be million-dollar, multinational corporations one day.

    Unlike SharpSpring, EngageBay has no mandatory on-boarding fee. If you get stuck anywhere, our support associates are there to help you. No other SharpSpring competitor gives you these features.

  • What features does an EngageBay customer get for less than $100/month?

    Even with their $50/month Starter plan, SharpSpring’s email marketing features are limited:

    • You cannot send more than 5 emails per month to each contact.
    • List segmentation is included but its criteria are limited.
    • No landing pages, no calls-to-action, no social media integration, no a/b testing, no triggers, no marketing automation in SharpSpring $50/month plan. For using any of these functionalities, you will have to invest in extra tools.

    On SharpSpring, all these functions will cost $800/month paid yearly. There is also a mandatory on-boarding fee of $3000 that you can’t skip. It takes over $15,000 of initial payment to get started - and that’s even before adding the taxes.

    You need landing pages, A/B testing, detailed segmentation, and marketing automation to have a growth-enabling ecosystem. It helps your marketing team thrive and achieve or even exceed your marketing goals.

    At EngageBay, you can enjoy all these features for just $79.99/month. Your payment goes down even further to just $63.99/month, if you purchase an yearly contract. No onboarding fees, no hidden charges, and guaranteed phone support included in this plan.

  • How much money will I save with EngageBay?

    If you do decide to take the plunge and pay for SharpSpring, you’ll be charged more than just your monthly fee. There’s both a mandatory on-boarding session fee and the yearly payment, both of which you pay at the start of becoming a SharpSpring user.

    For availing significant functionalities in SharpSpring, you will need to buy their Professional plan, which costs $800 per month. Along with the onboarding fee of $3000 and monthly payments of $800 for all twelve months, your first payment to SharpSpring will be $12,600 (+ taxes)!

    In contrast, EngageBay offers you:

    • All features in your plan and email/chat support accessible without any extra onboarding or training fee.
    • Affordable plans for growing businesses. Our Pro plan costs you less than $80/month. We also have discounts on yearly payment on all plans. The yearly version of the Pro plan costs less than $64/month.

    Theoretically (i.e. before taxes), this means you pay less with for EngageBay for the entire year, than what would you pay SharpSpring for just one month. Give your hard-working employees a raise or take them on a vacation with all the money saved on not paying the onboarding fee.

    For more details, check our pricing page.

  • Is EngageBay suitable for startups or small companies?

    List creation and management, email sequences, and email/phone support - all these features cost at least $50/month with SharpSpring. EngageBay understands the budget constraints for small businesses.

    All these features are included in our Basic plan starting from $6.99/month if you bill annually and $9.99/month for monthly billing.

    Need more features? Our Growth plan provides more features for less than $25/month (yearly contract). The next higher plan, Pro plan, costs you less than $64 and it covers almost all features we have to offer!

    Your budget isn’t unlimited, nor is your time. By trying to learn and integrate several other programs or software into your current system, you waste time. Yet manually doing all your marketing sucks up even more time.

    Our founders are owners of startups and small businesses just like you. We understand that money is tight in those early days. We also know how important it is to successfully market your new company. SharpSpring’s audience seems to be mid-sized or even Fortune 500 companies with unlimited budgets instead of small businesses like yours.

    That’s why we’re here. EngageBay is made for small businesses who want all the marketing features of SharpSpring but without the hefty price tag.

    We have aligned our pricing with budgets of most growing companies. Our most expensive package, the Enterprise package, costs less than $200/month . With that, you get priority support, account-based marketing, thousands of emails, and unlimited web forms and contacts.

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