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ActiveCampaign Alternative - EngageBay Comparison

Many marketing companies like ActiveCampaign promise to make marketing easier for you. Yet, no one does things much different from others!

You pay top dollar for more than one of these tools. Then, is it too much to ask for uncomplicated, user-friendly tools? As an alternative to ActiveCampaign, EngageBay offers much more value for your money!

Take for instance - our fluid, ultra-customizable email designer that turns email designing from a construction job into truly a high-level designing activity.

To discover how EngageBay is your perfect ActiveCampaign alternative, follow this page along.


Move up from email construction to email design

Most of the email designers require you to place some very primitive components into their templates to customize them. EngageBay’s email designer has templates to customize templates. Forget coding - you don’t even have to design your own components. From all ActiveCampaign alternatives, we can safely claim that our email designer is the smoothest one!


Access email sequences explicitly without any automations

In ActiveCampaign, email sequences and autoresponders are hidden deep within the interface. Why bury such highly-used features inside a complicated UI panel? EngageBay’s email sequences are prominently displayed and have loads of customization options.


Pair stunning landing pages with your emails

As an ActiveCampaign user, you might have to pay for an additional tool for landing pages. While the EngageBay platform is built for small businesses, our landing page designer is anything but small. In fact, it is even more powerful than our email designer. You can finally stop constructing your landing pages, and truly “design” them. Do any of other ActiveCampaign alternatives provide that?


Know your customer at a glance

In ActiveCampaign, a contact is nothing but means to an end. Sales teams often have to dig through the tool to find details about a single customer. That ends with EngageBay - our 360-degree view of every customer pulls data from different modules. It shows you the complete history of interactions with that customer.


Pay for what you use, not the size of your list

EngageBay provides added generous number of FREE emails in every plan. Every plan is rechargeable with more email packs at highly affordable prices. We paid special attention to the budgetary constraints of small businesses; our Enterprise plan costs less than $200 / month. A 14-day trial period allows you to use EngageBay as a free ActiveCampaign alternative.


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