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Aweber Alternative - Engagebay Comparison

Aweber’s features can look really impressive for an email marketing platform, but their email builder remains old school and they have no split testing functionality.

When you switch from Aweber to EngageBay, our “point-click-customize” email builder makes the process of designing emails a delight. You can create a satisfying design that makes sense within minutes, without depending on your design team.


EngageBay also provides list segmentation, lead scoring, broadcast and sequence emails, marketing automation, A/B testing, and much more. Basically everything you will ever need for your automated marketing is available with EngageBay.

Read on to know in detail how EngageBay is the perfect Aweber alternative.


Experience the most efficient email builder ever

EngageBay’s email designer doesn’t assume anything. You get customizable templates at every step. No need to create emails from scratch. Time to ditch the slow drag-and-drop method - and usher in a new era of the point-click-customize visual designer.


Stress-free marketing with everything in one place

Email Marketing is not the only way to promote your business online. You can't do anything else with Aweber. EngageBay is the perfect Aweber alternative as it offers a suite of marketing features. With EngageBay, you can create landing pages, perform marketing automation, design email templates, setup lead nurturing sequences, conduct A/B testing - and so much more!


Marketing that helps you save money

Not only EngageBay has industry-disrupting low prices, but we also bring all marketing functions in one tool. Since you won’t be needing to buy any other tool, you save a lot more of your marketing budget. Spend any or all savings in hiring and retaining smart marketing staff. Looking for a free alternative to Aweber? Try our free plan!


Test your emails and get quick feedback

Aweber has no split testing feature. So, you just have to guess (without supporting data) to select a higher-converting email. EngageBay has A/B testing feature which lets you send completely different emails to different set of audiences. No more second-guessing your conversions. Start your test and forget it. Our system automatically selects the winning variation.


Get an interaction timeline for every contact

Wouldn’t it be nice if your marketing system also recorded every interaction you ever had with your contacts? EngageBay’s contact screen provides a centralized customer activity view - calls, emails, follow-ups, lead score - all in a single page! Your team remembers the past interactions, and can plan future conversations with this client.


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