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Drip Alternative - EngageBay Comparison

Drip is an email marketing platform with several integrations to other tools. Their visual editor, however, lacks the granular control you’d expect from an email-only platform.

With EngageBay, you get email marketing tool, combined with all other tools that empower your marketing team’s success.

Drip’s visual builder lets you build your own templates and create individual components from scratch.

At EngageBay, our point-click-customize visual designer combines customizable templates with readymade components.

Here’s how EngageBay offers a faster, more customizable email builder than Drip - and a lot more than just email marketing!


Consolidate all your marketing under one tool

Drip’s integrations may sound impressive, but in the end, Drip itself is an email only platform. Because we are in all-in-one marketing software, EngageBay gives you much more than just email marketing features. You get lead capture, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and many more essential marketing features - which you would get only through overhead, paid integrations in Drip.


Save more money without integrations

When you use Drip, your marketing pipeline is supported by multiple tools all of which you have to pay for. Wouldn’t it be cheaper - if all your marketing was in one tool? Money is what you will definitely save with EngageBay. The really important advantage here is the peace of mind you get - no more overhead of managing multiple tools and no more tracking of renewal dates.


Design emails faster - all by yourself!

Drip’s so-called “revolutionary” point-and-click email designer is just re-packaged drag-and-drop designer. They have no built-in email templates, you still build your email piece-by-piece. When you start using EngageBay’s email designer, you may not even need your designer. By combining email templates and readymade components, EngageBay creates a truly flexible design experience.


Split test on two different email designs

Drip’s A/B tests are dependent on subject lines, from names, and sending time. EngageBay shows you open times for each email separately. Our A/B testing feature lets you customize subject lines, from name, as well as the whole content of the email. Create two vastly different emails and send them to targeted list of customers. Be absolutely sure of which email design works for you.


See complete customer activity on one screen

What Drip and many other marketing tools fail to show is coherency in customer knowledge. All customer activity is scattered on different pages. EngageBay collates everything about the customer on to a single 360-degree customer view page. Your team remembers the past interactions, and can plan future conversations with this client.

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