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InfusionSoft Alternative - Engagebay Comparison

InfusionSoft has a mandatory on-boarding training fee. It increases its prices by 70% after the first quarter. If you did not get the results you wanted from InfusionSoft, it might be time for you to switch out and look for InfusionSoft alternatives.

What makes EngageBay different from a lot of our competitors is all our pricing plans are tailor-made for small businesses.

For marketing tools like InfusionSoft, you have to upgrade your plan and pay more, whenever your list grows above the plan limit.

EngageBay offers higher number of contacts than similar marketing plan elsewhere. Each plan also has large number of free emails. You will upgrade your plan only when your business REALLY grows.

Want to know how EngageBay differs from InfusionSoft? Read on to find out why EngageBay is the best InfusionSoft alternative!


Design stunning email designs like a pro

While most email builders provide only customizable templates, EngageBay adds a second layer of section templates. This means you will create emails faster, without any help from your design team. You can also save your templates and use them for multiple emails.


Experience the true power of landing pages

With our “point-click-customize” builder, you get a wide collection of templates and page components to add to them. Each landing page template can be uniquely altered to fit your brand and your conversion goals. With EngageBay, you can ditch piece-by-piece construction of landing pages and finally start “designing” them - like an artist would!


Reduce your marketing budget by over 90%

EngageBay offers you the flexibility of monthly and annual payments. Our Basic plan costs $7 / month and our Enterprise plan costs $200 / month. Our $64 / month plan is almost exactly same as the Enterprise plan, except it has different limits, a dedicated IP, and an account manager. Looking for a free InfusionSoft alternative? Sign up for a 14-day free trial or check out our free plan.


Save even more money with smart pricing

After the first quarter, InfusionSoft’s prices go up by 70%. They also have a mandatory on-boarding fee ($299) and strict limits on the size of your email list in each plan. EngageBay provides a large number of free emails and a higher contact limit in each plan. No training fee - because the tool is so simple to use!


Say goodbye to marketing automation worries

EngageBay offers a full-scale marketing solution with a single login. You can grow your list, stay connected with your subscribers, and drive more sales. Along with way, you will be assisted by marketing automation triggers. These triggers, once programmed, are designed to automatically carry out tasks in background.


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