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What is Canned Responses?

Discover the benefits of using Canned Responses in EngageBay and see how they streamline your communication processes.

Canned Responses Explained

Canned Responses are pre-written answers stored in the customer support software to efficiently address frequently asked questions or common queries. They allow customer service agents to send quick and consistent responses without manually typing each reply.

Functionality Aspect Of Canned Responses

Canned Responses accelerate interactions with clients by enabling prompt responses. This feature is highly beneficial when accuracy and time are crucial in high-volume support instances. You can ensure consistent communication that follows the company’s standards by selecting a canned response from the list.

Advantages of Canned Responses

Speed and Efficiency

  • Canned responses help decrease the time it takes to respond to queries and enable you to manage the interactions more efficiently. This helps maintain customer satisfaction during high-priority scenarios.

Consistency in Communication

  • These pre-formulated responses comply with your organization’s tone. Thus, ensuring that all your customers receive similar degrees of services and information. It fosters uniformity in the replies to preserve brand integrity and reliable customer support.

Accuracy and Reliability

  • Regulating responses can help reduce the risk of leaking misinformation or errors in customer interaction. Canned responses provide a set of pre-approved and vetted replies for the agents to depend on during communication with customers.

Create Canned Responses With EngageBay

Sending canned responses on EngageBay is easy, with intuitive icons and handy shortcuts. You can create a new canned response, write a new response to a query, and save it as ‘canned’ for later use.

Follow these steps to create a canned response:

  • i. Go to the Service dashboard and click on Settings.

  • ii. From the left panel, select Canned Responses.

  • iii. Click the Add Canned Response button at the top right corner of the page.

  • iv. In the New Canned Response form, enter the Name and type in your response.

  • v. Click Save.

How Can You Send Canned Responses Through EngageBay?

You can find all the canned responses in one place. To send a canned response, follow these steps:

  • i. Open a ticket.

  • ii. On the right hand, choose from Canned Responses.

  • iii. Based on your query, choose the appropriate response. It will be added to the ticket.

  • iv. Then, click Submit.

If you need help creating canned responses, contact us.

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