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What Are Custom Ticket Views?

Explore the concept of Custom Ticket Views to understand how they can optimize your support ticket management in EngageBay

Custom Ticket Views Definition

Custom Ticket Views are user-defined setups that let users arrange, filter, and show tickets based on specific parameters in ticketing systems or customer support software. These views help agents and managers prioritize and efficiently manage incoming customer service requests by presenting the information in a format that aligns with their workflows or specific needs.

Purpose Of Custom Tickets

Custom Ticket Views enable users to create customized dashboards or interfaces that showcase tickets according to predefined filters such as ticket status, urgency, customer type, or assigned agent. This allows for quicker navigation and more effective management of tickets, improving response times and overall customer service efficiency.

Why Are Custom Ticket Views Important?

Increased Efficiency And Productivity

  • Custom Ticket Views allow users to create views reflecting their priorities and operational requirements. They facilitate a more organized approach to handling customer inquiries. Additionally, this helps reduce the time spent searching for tickets and increases the time available for resolution.

Enhanced Service Quality

  • Customizable views ensure that critical tickets or issues are noticed. Support teams can configure views to highlight high-priority or urgent tickets, ensuring these are addressed promptly, directly impacting customer satisfaction and service quality.

Adaptability To Changing Needs

  • The requirements for managing customer interactions evolve with time. Custom ticket views offer the flexibility to adapt the ticketing interface to meet these changing needs. In this way, customer ticket views ensure the support team remains efficient and responsive.

How EngageBay Helps Create Custom Ticket Views?

You can create custom ticket types, statutes, and priorities based on your industry/processes. To add more ticket types, statutes, and priorities,

  • i. Go to the Service dashboard and click on Settings.

  • ii. From the left panel, select Ticket Fields.

  • iii. Under each subsection, you will find “Add Type”, Add Status, and Add Priority options on the right side of the box.

  • iv. Fill up the field and click Add. The list will get updated automatically.

Need help with Custom Ticket Views? Contact us for more information.

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