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What is FullContact?

FullContact is a provider of a suite of cloud-based software products for businesses, developers, and brands. Their main focus is Identity Resolution. Their suite of offerings include products like Enrich and Resolve, and nine solutions, including Customer Recognition and Media Amplification.

What is EngageBay?

EngageBay is an all-in-one CRM that provides marketing, sales, and support so that you can easily attract leads and convert them into customers. It offers CRM, helpdesk, live chat software, and marketing automation tools to speed up your business.

EngageBay - FullContact Integration Features

Enhance Your EngageBay Contacts’ Information
Enhance Your EngageBay Contacts’ Information

With the EngageBay - FullContact integration, create improved profiles for professional contacts and business accounts, allowing users to grow their connections. With the power of additional information, it’s easier to reach out and relate to prospects, leads and customers for marketing and business purposes.

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Make Queries Using the FullContact Person or Company API

Users looking for information regarding a person’s name, job title, location, social profiles, demographics and other options can simply input any contact’s email address into FullContact, then the Person API method will upload any existing, related information to the record.

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Enjoy access to complete profiles

The EngageBay - FullContact integration helps you transform partial identities into complete profiles to connect with prospects, capture audience insights, and enhance customer experiences.

Key Features

Get complete information on records synced and saved in EngageBay CRM

Help your teams deliver outstanding customer service experiences

Gain accurate, related data in one second

Append contact information like: FullName, Gender, Location, Title, Organization, Phones, TwitterID, LinkedInID, FacebookID, Avatar, Website, Bio-Data in Contacts and Leads record

Append business information like: Name, Location, Founded, Employees, TwitterID, LinkedInID, FacebookID, Logo URL, Website, Bio-Data in Accounts record

Want to Integrate EngageBay with FullContact?

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Getting Started with FullContact Integration

FullContact is a unified cloud-based address book that syncs contacts across multiple devices and accounts.Fullcontact provides more information about the subscribers Example: Name, Employment information, Education, Location,.etc.

Configuration: To get user data from FullContact, you need to enable the widget. Please follow the steps below to enable the widget.


Login to the EngageBay application using your credentials.


Account Settings

Next, go to the ‘Account Settings’ page as shown in the image below.



Once you click on account settings, it will open the page below. On this page, go to ‘Integrations’ on the left panel and click on it.


Enable FullContact Widget

Go to the ‘Other' tab on the right side, it shows a list of widgets. Select the FullContact widget and click on enable.



Once done, click on the ‘Enable’ button and it will open up the FullContact settings page and ask for your api key (which you can get from your FullContact account). Enter your api key in the text box and click ‘Save’.


Widget Enabled

Once it is saved, it will enable the widget and show it as an image. If required, we can update the api key through the settings button.



After enabling the widget, go to the ‘Contacts’ page as shown in the image. On the ‘Contacts’ page, click on any contact and it will navigate to the ‘Contact Details’ page.


Contact Details

In the contact details page, there is an icon with an i-circle button as shown in the image. Click on that icon to show the FullContact details.


FullContact Data

Once you click on the i-icon, it displays the FullContact details related to the contact.


Refresh Data

In the FullContact details page, there is a refresh data link at the bottom of the page. If we click on the refresh link, it will get the updated data from the FullContact api and display it.


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