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Google Meet Integration Overview

With the Google Meet - EngageBay integration, execute virtual meetings like a boss. Turn every meeting booked in your EngageBay CRM into a Google Meet meeting. Engagebay users can generate Instant Google Meet links in just one click and connect to users. It’s easier than ever to manage your virtual meetings with this integration.

With the EngageBay - Google Meet Integration, you can:

  • Schedule a meeting from the Events, Contacts, and Deals in EngageBay CRM.
  • Send meeting links through email meeting invites.
  • Set reminders to aid you in following up on the email invites sent.
  • Set notifications to remind invitees to attend the meeting.
  • Track Google Meet invites sent by email.
  • Add captions in real-time during a meeting.
  • Record your meetings for future referencing.

EngageBay-Google Meet Integration Features

Have access to one of the most widely-used communication tools

With the EngageBay - Google Meet integration, you have access to one of the world’s most popular communication channels. While EngageBay users are already empowered with a wide range of communication channels such as Emails, Calls, Texts, and Chats; they’ll now be able to execute virtual audio/video meetings as well.

Set up calls directly from the scheduler

With the EngageBay - Google Meet integration, you can sync your scheduler with Google Meet as your default video conferencing option and a Google Meet link will automatically be served with each appointment scheduled, making it easier to directly get on a virtual meeting without installing any third-party application.

View meeting details in your Activities instantly

With the EngageBay - Google Meet integration, you can now directly choose Google Meet as your default video conferencing option while scheduling or editing Activities. No more manual entries required, it is automatically set up to go.

Be fully informed before a call

Know everything you need to know about the prospect or customer before a call. You’ll easily find meeting agendas, participants, ongoing conversations, notes, and sales activities before executing the call. Also check out all the meeting details from the Contact and Details pages with the agenda. Swiftly join meetings with a click and lead conversation.

Record and save your conversations

With the EngageBay - Google Meet integration, you can now record all your calls/meetings at the click of a button. Once your meetings are completed, your saved cloud recordings are directly accessible from EngageBay CRM. Use them for all future referencing.


Google Meet connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

Appointment Scheduler Contact Management
Appointment Scheduler Contact Management
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