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Magento Integration Overview

Streamline e-commerce, enhance engagement, unify operations for better sales, and boost customer satisfaction, increasing both new and repeat sales.

With the EngageBay - Magento Integration, you can:

  • Cart Recovery: Auto-recover abandoned carts for increased conversions.
  • Product Recommendations:Personalize upsell and cross-sell emails.
  • Customer Segmentation: Target marketing based on customer behavior.
  • Email Automation: Set up automated workflows for key events.
  • Social Integration: Monitor and engage on social media.
  • Analytics: Track revenue by marketing channels.
  • Retention: Nurture repeat customers with personalized content.
  • Reporting: Generate performance reports.
  • List Management: Create and manage customer lists.

EngageBay-Magento Integration Features

Abandoned Cart Nurturing

EngageBay enables you to personalize follow-up emails with images, URLs, and product names from abandoned carts. You can automate a series of personalized emails to cart abandoners, boosting conversions.

Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Reorder Emails

When you've configured your Magento shopping cart for upsell and related products, create personalized emails for purchasers. Automate timed emails with product images, names, and URLs for upsells and cross-sells, similar to Amazon's approach.

Laser Target Your One-Off Emails and Product Launches

EngageBay's Magento integration syncs customer historical data, enabling you to create lists of specific product buyers. Launching a new product? Email those who've bought similar items to enhance engagement and sales. Send special deals to high-value customers by creating a list based on order value. Re-engage lapsed customers by building lists of inactivity periods (e.g., 30, 60, 90 days). Identify social media influencers among customers with over 10,000 Twitter followers and engage personally.

Foster Repeat Customers with Social Inbox and Smart Content

EngageBay's Social Suite and Content tools personalize customer experiences on your website and social media. Social Suite helps you monitor and respond to customer tweets, while the Content tools dynamically adjust website content based on customer rules. For example, showcase products in Category A to customers who've purchased from that category.

Track Revenue by Marketing Channels and Campaigns

EngageBay offers a suite of analytics and reporting tools to track revenue generated by specific marketing channels and campaigns. Easily generate and share reports within your organization, and set up recurring reports for ongoing progress monitoring.

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Magento connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

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