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Trello Integration Overview

Trello organizes your to-do list to keep projects on task. Trello saves you time by helping prioritize what matters most to your team. With the EngageBay - Trello integration, users can create Cards, view Boards, Lists, add Description, and Due Dates, all in a rich and visually appealing format.

With the EngageBay - Trello Integration, you can:

  • Connect your Trello account directly with EngageBay.
  • Create/view Boards in a Trello Workspace.
  • View Lists in the selected Boards.
  • Create Cards in selected Lists.
  • Set Description and Due Dates to your created Cards.

EngageBay-Trello Integration Features

Create and customize Boards in the Trello Workspace

No matter what a project or a process may be, create a single/multiple Trello Boards in your Trello Workspace and customize them to keep tasks organized in a fun, visually appealing way, and view it all in a single glance.

Create and customize Lists within Boards

With the EngageBay - Trello integration, you can create various Lists within a Project Board to review the different stages of a task. Whatever the stage of your task, it is displayed in a visually rich and flexible format. These Lists can be edited and customized whenever required.

Create Cards within selected Lists

Your Lists can be further appended with different Cards. Cards represent individual Tasks and contain the detailed information you need for the project/job. Set Description and Due Dates to your created Card. Moreover, these Cards may be moved by dragging and dropping them across Lists to show the progress status.

Collaborate with your entire team in a fun, flexible way

Assign tasks and cards in Trello and EngageBay, so your sales team is in sync on both platforms. Invite team members to new boards, assign them tasks and keep communication on the same page using mentions in an interactive way.


Trello connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

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