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WhatsApp Integration Overview

With the EngageBay - WhatsApp integration, handle customer inquiries or send out promotional offers via a communication tool that is so much faster and easier than emailing or phone calls. Enjoy the convenience of two-way WhatsApp conversations from the conversation chat window. Send single, bulk, workflow, and scheduled messages to stay top of mind with your customers in a way that’s easy for them to engage.

With the EngageBay - WhatsApp Integration, you can:

  • 1:1 messaging from within EngageBay
  • See the conversation history on a Contact’s Timeline on EngageBay
  • Send text/photos/videos/URLs
  • Receive and record all incoming messages
  • Create and store message templates
  • Use WhatsApp messages as Triggers in EngageBay workflows
  • Manage all your sales conversations within EngageBay

EngageBay-WhatsApp Integration Features

Automate routine tasks

With the EngageBay - WhatsApp integration, save time by automating the smaller tasks. For eg., set reminders to follow up on customer requests, set up a workflow in your CRM which automatically guides new leads from first contact to a sale with email sequences or automatically assign incoming inquiries among your team for a fair workload.

Streamline and manage WhatsApp communications from within EngageBay

With the EngageBay - WhatsApp integration, send 1:1 messages from within EngageBay. Record all customer support WhatsApp conversations on the EngageBay Contact timeline. Send WhatsApp messages in the form of notifications, alerts, approvals, and standard messages. Use customizable templates to create custom messages. Customize your messages and relate them to different modules in the CRM, and more

Use in EngageBay Workflows

Use the power of EngageBay Workflows to automate your WhatsApp communications. Create workflows for automated messages. Create EngageBay Triggers based on message content and status, to initiate actions like send email, create tasks and much more.

Get notifications for new messages and add new leads automatically

With the EngageBay - WhatsApp integration, automatically add new leads from WhatsApp to your EngageBay CRM. Also, get notifications for new incoming messages on your computer. Manage and track your messages. Check message status, view details, and more.


WhatsApp connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

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Contact Management
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