Zoom Integration Overview

Optimize and simplify the process of scheduling calls, sending meeting links and logging activities. EngageBay's seamless Zoom integration, together with EngageBay's calendar sync and Scheduler, helps you create an effortless setup for remote selling. Make remote work a breeze by starting a Zoom meeting right from EngageBay.

With the EngageBay - Zoom Integration, you can:

  • Integrate with EngageBay Scheduler
  • Promote your Zoom webinars with EngageBay automation workflows Record Zoom meetings in EngageBay
  • Track Zoom webinar attendance and recordings in EngageBay CRM

EngageBay-Zoom Integration Features

One-way sync of meetings from EngageBay to Zoom

This integration between EngageBay and Zoom makes it possible for you to start and schedule meetings directly within EngageBay CRM. You can quickly set up Zoom meetings with leads and view your scheduled Zoom meetings. This plugin will also offer to reschedule your Zoom meeting.

Schedule / Update / Delete zoom meeting in a single click from EngageBay CRM

This EngageBay - Zoom integration makes it possible for you to schedule, update, and delete meetings directly within EngageBay. The meetings can also be rescheduled.

Launch Zoom meeting from EngageBay with a single click

It doesn’t take more than a single click to set up and launch a Zoom meeting from your EngageBay dashboard. It’s as easy as that.

Send Zoom Meeting Info Directly via Email

When a meeting is scheduled, the plugin will send emails to contacts/invitees with the meeting information. EngageBay includes Zoom meeting URL in the appointment confirmation email to join the meeting. The email body will consist of content from a predefined email template.

Send rescheduled email info in Email

When your Zoom meeting is rescheduled, the plugin will send out an email to all contacts/invitees highlighting details of the meeting. Rescheduling emails will use a different email template.

Schedule Calls Right From Your CRM

Switching apps increases redundancy and is time-consuming. With the EngageBay and Zoom integration, users can easily schedule calls on Zoom with clients right from their EngageBay CRM. This will also allow you to share the link of your Zoom meeting with the client by accessing the contact database in your EngageBay CRM.

Streamline Workflows

Another benefit of the Zoom integration with EngageBay CRM is that it allows you to automatically create the contacts. You can automatically add contacts to a meeting in Zoom and get things done on the move in a single click.

Share Meeting Links

Schedule your meetings on Zoom with access to your calendar in EngageBay CRM. You can automatically share the meeting links with your clients. This will cut the hassle of sending meeting invites manually as the EngageBay CRM Integration with Zoom will allow you to send all the meeting information automatically.

Automatically Add Attendees to Webinars

In case you are using Zoom for conducting webinars, you can automatically add attendees from the contacts in your EngageBay CRM. Not just this, CRM also allows you to send personalized emails to your contacts. So, integrating Zoom with EngageBay CRM helps in informing the attendees about the schedule, topics to be discussed and any other changes as required- more efficiently and in less time.

Reschedule and Delete Meetings

With EngageBay CRM and Zoom integration, users can’t just schedule calls from within the CRM platform but also update, reschedule and delete them with just a click from their EngageBay. This means no more worrying about manually updating your schedule and getting more done in less time.

Robust CRM Reporting

Make the most of Zoom integration with EngageBay CRM by deriving actionable insights from your CRM. Now EngageBay CRM users can easily generate meeting reports right in their CRM and better plan their meetings and optimize the schedules. Additionally, by leveraging EngageBay CRM Dashboards, all data from Zoom conferences can be used for better decision making and improving productivity. You can also keep track of the minutes spent in a meeting, messages sent and received, the location of users and the network quality through Zoom reports in your EngageBay.


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