Types of Web Popups

A popup is meant to generate user engagement, and it is incredibly powerful in doing so. There are 4 distinct types of popups.Each of these has a different use and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lets dive in and study how each of these web popups can help your lead generation process.

  • Exit Intent Popup
  • Time-based Popup
  • Length-based Popup
  • Click-triggered Popup
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Exit Intent (Goodbye) Popup

It gets triggered when the customer is about to close the tab (or leave the page). It doesn’t disrupt the user experience; it lets the users freely browse the site and only shows up when the user is about to leave. Therefore, it is the most widely used popup in the industry.

The resulting popup can ask for email address, or offer a discount coupon; how to use the popup is totally up to you.

Let's understand the working of this popup. If the user moves his mouse towards the tab, it's a signal these he is either about to close the tab or move to a different tab. This is the perfect moment to remind him of something he might be missing if he leaves the page. This is where the exit intent popup is programmed to be shown.

However, the user doesn't have to do any programming. He just has to select the option from his marketing automation software make it an exit intent popup. The system automatically inserts code in the back-end to display it during the exit process.

To implement this behavior, plugins will use mouseover events on the browser tab.

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Designing the Exit Intent popup

For the exit intent popup to work, it is displayed as a modal dialog box. A "modal" dialog box here means it draws a shadow upon the rest of the webpage when it appears. Their main background color is kept in contrast with the website's theme color.

When the user moves to change or close the tab, the screen goes dark and a contrasting web popup shows instantly. The dark overlay and the contrasting color make it hard to miss.

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Time-based (Watchdog) Popup

If the user has been inactive on the site for more than one minute, it’s a good time to remind him that there is still something valuable for him on the site. However, if the user has already changed the tab, chances are he may completely miss this type of popup.

The resulting popup can ask for email address, or offer a discount coupon; how to use the popup is totally up to you.

So, a good idea is to combine a time-triggered popup with a short “click” sound. The key to selecting the sound is that it should NOT be an annoying beep. This grabs the customer’s attention as he will see a tiny “loudspeaker” icon on your tab (browser feedback). When the user sees the popup, it will likely prompt him to take an action suggested by the popup's CTA.

There is a second way to use this popup. Instead of triggering it on inactive time interval, we will use an active time interval. This means if the user has been ACTIVE on the site AND has seen a few different pages, he has invested his time in the brand. If a popup at this time shows a product or service of his interest, getting him to convert would be quite easy.

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Scroll-triggered (Read More) Popup

While reading an article on “How to make money online”, when the user reaches the section titled “Significance of Backlinks”, at that point we can share the free ebook “101 Backlink Generation Strategies” through a popup.

Again, the principle is that we want to use user's interest in the content to make him click our CTA. If he is reading about some topic A for a while, he obviously likes your content. If we offer him another genuinely valuable piece of content, and if that content helps him fulfill a goal, he will instantly act on the popup.

Chances are this particular popup will generate a much better conversion rate. The new content must precisely match the content user is currently reading; it should be directly related.

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How does the Scroll-triggered Popup work?

Going with the same example above, if this was an entry popup, the user might not even read the article. We would not even let his interest in the content develop. Besides, entry popups disrupt the reader experience. He could close the webpage out of annoyance and would never access the article.

If we were to show the same popup on the exit, he could have already forgotten about the significance of backlinks. We would have lost his interest.

The point is - certain popups are much more suitable while the user is reading the article, not at the end or before starting the article. So, we monitor how far the visitor has scrolled and display a popup when he reaches a certain length.

In an advanced version of this popup, it may be withdrawn when the user scrolls past the section.

This is a good tactic because

  • You don’t disturb the visitor while he is reading an unrelated section.
  • You ensure the popup content is directly related to the content user is reading, thereby increasing the chances of conversion manifold.

If used moderately, there is a tremendous scope of improving conversion on a landing page or a blog by using scroll-triggered popups.

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Conversion tip for Scroll-triggered Popup

This popup is great when you have an ebook or an offer. It can also be used to promote an upcoming webinar or an event. Write a content that supports the need of this ebook/offer/event. Simply put a Read More popup at an appropriate length of that content and see your conversions skyrocket.

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Click-activated (Click Me) Popup

If you are a very conservative business owner, click popups will be extremely satisfactory for you. It doesn’t show the popup at all - until the user clicks a link or a button.

When the user clicks an offer button or link, instead of being taken to an offer page, the user sees the offer (or an email subscription form) in an overlay (i.e. the popup). The customer doesn’t have to see the popup if he doesn’t want to; he doesn’t even know it is a popup until he clicks it. Thus, click popups ensure minimal disruption of customer experience.

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