Boost Your Conversion Rates With EngageBay's Landing Page A/B Testing

Say goodbye to inefficient guessing. With A/B testing, validate your ideas, design engaging pages, and drive your revenue upwards.
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Create and Test Your Landing Pages Easily

Build and test various versions of your landing pages with EngageBay's landing page builder and A/B testing tool. Choose from a wide selection of templates, code your own page, test them with various tweaks, and discover what works and what doesn't. Compare various versions with data-driven tests, close in on the best variant - and boost your conversion rates in the process.

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Boost Your Profits

Go one step further with EngageBay's revenue tracking tools and link every critical user interaction to actual revenue. Use landing page split testing to experiment and discover the version that gives the highest revenue. Associate various actions performed on your page, like signing up, adding items to a cart, or purchasing a service to your revenue goals.

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Optimize Content With Segmentation

With EngageBay's advanced yet intuitive segmentation feature, group your audience into useful chunks and use this data to test various versions of your landing page - and discover the version that works the best. Maximize your conversions by optimizing your landing page for each targeted audience.

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Get Insightful Reports and Metrics

With EngageBay's robust and in-depth reporting, measure and get insightful data on how various versions of your pages perform. With powerful reports such as click-through, bounce, and conversion rates, discover why specific versions of your pages have the edge over others.

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Increase Engagement With Conversion-Centric A/B Testing

Split your landing page traffic between two variants of the same webpage, and learn which version gets more engagement and conversions. Hop aboard a conversion-centric approach to your marketing efforts with EngageBay's state-of-the-art landing page testing tool. A/B test web pages, repeat the testing process with newer tweaks and boost your conversions multifold.

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Landing Page A/B Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):
  • What is landing page A/B Testing?

    As the name suggests, landing page A/B testing refers to comparing two different variants of a specific landing page with a single item tweaked, with the intention to discover which one attains better conversion rates and engagement.

    For example, you can test two landing page variants by changing your CTA button position and testing various conversion metrics. This allows you to optimize your webpages to hook in visitors and convert them into customers. Repeated and regular A/B testing is an indispensable part of your marketing efforts.

  • Why should you run A/B tests on your landing pages?

    With A/B testing, you can reap a myriad of benefits, including better engagement, reduced bounce rates, increased click-throughs, and higher conversion rates - all adding up to higher profits. By meticulously and repeatedly tweaking your pages and learning how your visitors react, you can improve your page in a stepwise manner.

    When you A/B test a landing page, you are listening to what your visitors are telling you about your page, and in a broader sense, your marketing strategy. This is marketing gold, helping you implement the variants that achieve the most incredible engagement. Additionally, A/B testing provides you with a clear edge over your competitors that don't perform regular tests on their websites.

  • What exactly should you be testing?

    A/B testing has one clearly defined rule: test two variants of a page with one element tweaked at a time. You can A/B test almost anything on your page:

    • Test the layout of your webpage.

    • Test your headlines for engagements by changing the wording, placements, etc.

    • Test various aspects of your call to action, including the actual content, the position on your page, fonts, and colors.

    • Test your pages with and without images or videos.

    • Test the size and structure of your copy.

    Get creative, and don't limit yourself to the tests mentioned above. Build your page, tweak and test, and repeat the process.

  • How long should you run your A/B tests?

    The trick is not to underdo or overdo your A/B tests. If you run short tests, you may not obtain enough data to work on or get inaccurate results. On the other hand, if you run long tests for each tweak, you may be wasting precious time and resources - and delaying the benefits of A/B testing.

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