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Automate Engagement With Smart Autoresponders

Send text messages automatically on the basis of actions performed by your contacts. Set the system thereafter to follow up with reminder alerts, welcome messages and confirmation messages.

CRM Analytics

Create Great SMS Content With Drag-n-Drop Visual Designer

Effortlessly create step-by-step sms marketing and text messaging campaign workflows using EngageBay's drag-and-drop visual designer. Let your contacts access your sms text messages on their mobile devices and engage them for higher ROI.

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Personalize Your SMS Marketing For Enhanced Customer Experience

Automate your personalization strategy to integrate with your SMS marketing efforts and create and send text messages with EngageBay's wide choice of custom fields, such as first and last names, location and work/business details. With personalized messaging,you can rarely go wrong about getting yourself a high response rate and a lifetime of happy customers.

Appointment scheduling

Send Scheduled SMS Marketing Campaigns At Pre-Set Times

Take your text marketing to the next level by sending out different SMS campaigns at different scheduled times as per your preference, and not instantly after creating. Since it is best to send geography-focused campaigns at the best times for their time zone, you can juggle and manage multiple email campaigns easily with customizable time zone settings ans schedule different campaigns for different times. Scheduling is also customizable by date, so you can plan well in advance for holiday text marketing, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

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