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Free Bulk SMS Marketing & Broadcast Service

Send bulk SMS broadcasts from EngageBay for effective marketing, high conversion rates. EngageBay is a free bulk SMS service provider with personalization and automation tools.

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Bulk SMS Marketing with Smart Autoresponders

EngageBay can help you make your bulk SMS marketing effective with its smart autoresponders. Send SMS responses automatically based on what your leads or customers do, such as sign up for a subscription, fill up a form, click on a web link in email, leave products in cart, and so on.

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Drag-n-Drop Designer for Easy Workflow

SMS marketing workflows are made simple with EngageBay's drag-and-drop visual designer. EngageBay is built with the user in mind, so you need not worry about technical know-how. Use our intuitive and smart visual designer and create your SMS workflows in no time.

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Personalize Your Bulk SMS Marketing

Personalize your bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Create effectively targeted messages with EngageBay's wide range of personalization features, such as first and last name, location, company details, deal name, deal closed date, and so on. You can create your own custom personalization features just as well.

Appointment scheduling

Schedule your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns

A bulk SMS campaign needs to be planned well. EngageBay helps out with the option to schedule when to send your SMS. Choose any date, time, and time zone you like, and let EngageBay step in. The software will send out your bulk SMS marketing campaign while you rest or work on something that can't be automated so easily.

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