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Holistic Customer View

Get a complete view of every interaction you've ever had with your leads. Gain deep customer insights to cross-sell and upsell easier. EngageBay tracks updates of your customers automatically so you can build lasting customer relationships.

Make Calls Directly

Call your customers directly from EngageBay and cut down on the number of tools you are using today. All the calls are recorded in the software so you can get back to them later.

Multiple Deal pipelines

Set up multiple deal pipelines to track your leads better. Create separate deal pipelines for different product categories, geographies, or any parameters you like, and monitor your sales tasks efficiently.

Proposal Analytics

Enhance your sales proposals by tracking every metric and measuring customer behavior. Get great insights with real-time data on proposal visits, downloads, click-through rates, and a lot more.

Sales Automation

Automate your sales funnel in minutes with our smart sales automation tools. EngageBay helps you nurture your leads with automation that can be completed in small, simple steps. Automate your funnel, save time, and sell more.

Account Based Marketing

Organize companies and the key contacts in each organization in one easy place and run personalised and targeted marketing campaigns. Measure every metric like email opens, document reads, time spent and whole lot more.

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