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Comprehensive CRM Guide

CRM Manual to help you learn everything about customer relationship management (CRM) and why your business needs the right CRM platform.

What is CRM

What is CRM?

Efficient customer relationship management (CRM) can transform your marketing, sales, and customer service performance.

Marketing, Sales,andService teams

Marketing, Sales, and Service teams?

All three departments are responsible for customer delight and brand success. You need the right CRM for seamless integration of these.

CRM System - Is CRM really necessary

CRM System - Is CRM really necessary?

If you don’t use a CRM software, your leads may not be nurtured for conversion to customers.

Dispelling the Myth About CRM

Dispelling the Myth About CRM

A good CRM platform wouldn’t be out of bounds for your budget or technical knowledge. Excel can’t do what a CRM software can.

Successful CRM Strategy

Create a Powerful CRM Strategy

Make buyer personas, conduct surveys, seek feedback, create value ladders, use affiliate marketing, and more.

CRM Usecases

CRM Use Cases (Benefits)

Accurate forecasting, minimal data entry, 360-degree contact and conversations view, marketing personalization, and so much more.

Features of a CRM

Features of a CRM

Lead analytics, visual deal pipeline view, predictive lead scoring, customer service integration, automated email marketing, and lots more.

How to Select a CRM

How to Select a CRM

The right CRM software is mobile-friendly and cloud-ready, to begin with.

Cloud CRM vs In-house CRM

Cloud CRM vs In-house CRM

A cloud CRM software does not need installation on your computer, and you can access it from any device.

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