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Employee Engagement for enhanced sales efficiency

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EngageBay's Employee Engagement functionality motivates and engages your team. Use leaderboards, challenges, and instant recognition to create a high-performance culture within your sales team.

Understanding Employee Engagement in Sales

Employee Engagement in Sales is the use of modern game mechanics to boost internal motivation in order to accomplish goals. Since your Sales team are the front-end ambassadors of the company, they need to be constantly motivated at all times, to proactively deliver their best. By gamifying the Sales process with contests, leaderboards, badges, etc., your business can drive high growth and productivity, consistently.

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Sales Employee Engagement

Sales Employee Engagement is the process of motivating your sales team in a fun and competitive way, to deliver optimal results. Use EngageBay’s powerful Employee Engagement features to encourage competition among your sales team with features such as relative comparisons of performance, deals closed, calls made, revenue generated, etc.This boosts the competitive spirit amongst the sales reps and have shown to enhance productivity exponentially.

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Online Leaderboards

With custom leaderboards, easily view individual team member's performance, updated in real time. Each user can add a custom leaderboard to their EngageBay dashboard and customize it to display actionable insights about each rep's activities. This may be made accessible to all team members, thereby fostering a healthy competition among them.

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Enhanced Teamwork

Teamwork is an equally important benefit that is derived from gamifying your sales process. Teamwork is the key to executing a variety collaborative sales techniques, EngageBay's Employee Engagement software will encourage your Sales team to collaborate on another level. Create incentives for your sales reps to mentor sales development representatives and share their secrets to success with others.

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Instant updates

Leading the pack just got easier. Make your way up the leaderboard in no time. Using sales Employee Engagement software, set up custom alerts based on a whole range of activities. Engage with your most potential at just the right time, and close more deals.

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