The many benefits of an all-in-one marketing software

Streamline your marketing processes and boost your team's efficiency through a simple integrated marketing system

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all-in-one marketing software
360 degree customer view

Get holistic view of customer across all the marketing channels in one place - email exchanges, customer behaviour, engagement metrics (opens, clicks) and more.

Score leads with engagebay
Score leads and focus on the best

Score all your leads based on the demography, designation, engagement metrics, behaviour and many other customer attribute's. You can now focus only on the best ones.

keep all your data in one place in engagebay
All your data in one place

Your data is your goldmine in the digital world. Store your data in a single platform so you have better control over data and helping you make better business decisions.

Measure ROI easily in engagebay
Measure ROI easily

Using single platform for all your marketing needs makes it so easy to measure ROI of your marketing campaigns which is otherwise so difficult.

In-depth reporting in engagebay
In-depth reporting

Unified system for all your marketing translates into better reporting across all campaigns and metrics.

Track and optimise your campaigns in engagebay
Track and optimise your campaigns

Track and optimise all your marketing campaigns from a simple unified platform.

Measure every single metric in engagebay
Measure every single metric from one place

You can't improve what you cannot measure. Tracking and measuring metrics is now so easy as your data lives in one place.

awesome customer support from engagebay
One bill and one company for customer support

Stop dealing with multiple companies when you need support. A unified platform means lot less hassle and one company to reach out for support.

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data inconsistencies with engagebay
Data Inconsistencies

Spreading your customer data across multiple systems results in data consistencies, redundancies and often makes it unusable and meaningful.

multi-tool chaos with engagebay
Multi-tool chaos

Eliminate using multiple freeware and single point marketing systems resulting in utter chaos. Never lose your business efficiency and productivity again using those many systems.

eliminate complicated integrations with engagebay
Complicated integrations

Keeping your multiple systems in sync requires technical integrations which can quickly get complex to implement and maintain.

eliminate Multiple logins with engagebay
Multiple logins and juggling systems

Time is money. Don't lose your valuable time juggling between those many systems to get your daily work done. Every marketer on an average are losing an hour or two everyday switching systems.

Learning multiple systems with engagebay
Learning multiple systems

Focus on your marketing and not on learning those many systems and following all their software updates religiously.

Multiple payments with engagebay
Multiple bill payments

Keeping track of making payments on time for multiple systems is a huge administrative task in itself which can easily be eliminated. Your precious time can be used for other better purposes :)

Get all the features your business will ever need in a single platform

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