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Helpdesk Software Guide

How Can a Help Desk Resolve Angry Customer Issues?

It happens to almost every company at some point: angry customers. While you always strive to maintain customer satisfaction and happiness, you’re not perfect.The best thing to do is not dwell on an angry customer, but work to resolve their concerns as soon as possible.

Once you get in touch with your customer and work through their question or complaint, it’s time to see what went wrong.

Did you miss the customer’s query in the first place? Perhaps you need a help desk system that has a ticketing feature. You should also ensure all communications go to the dashboard. This way, no matter how the customer chooses to reach out, it’s all visible in one place.

With a query ticket, each question or concern gets labeled separately. This prevents any communication attempts from slipping away unnoticed.

Did the customer not get a timely answer? Perhaps it was days before you or someone else on your team got back to their request. This really degrades the professional relationship you can have with your customers. They’re anticipating a semi-quick response. Yes, there are exceptions to be made if the customer shoots you a message after business hours or on the weekend. Otherwise, though, you must answer quickly.

Do you have a chatbot or some other form of automation in place, such as an autoresponder? If not, this could prohibit you from giving the customer something. Even if you send a quick automatic message informing the customer that you’re closed and someone will address their question on the next business day, this goes a long way in keeping the customer happy.

Could you not provide the information the customer was looking for? Why not? If you’re using software for a help desk, then you should be able to dig through a database of questions, responses, and other useful information. Then, in turn, you should feel ready to handle almost any query a customer can toss your way.

Also, do you have a knowledge base? Is it fully furnished or just bare bones? When did you last update it? If the customer can find the answers they need without ever asking you, that’s okay. In fact, it’s better than okay; it’s ideal.

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