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Features of a Helpdesk

What Are the Main Features of a Helpdesk?

Before you choose a helpdesk system for your business, you’re interested in the main features. These essentials are not ones you should go without, so review them carefully. Make sure that your helpdesk tool includes them.


From support to marketing, sales, and even customer service, where can all your teams meet? If your software has a collaborations feature, then these teams can touch base right here. The teams may delegate tasks, update information in the knowledge base (more on this in a second), review and critique one another’s work, or grab tickets to address.

Since all team members can access the collaborations database, there’s no need to question who is working on what at any given time. This eliminates instances of two employees taking the same task. As we’ve discussed, this wastes time on both employees’ parts.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

The self-service knowledge base has come up many a time in this guide, but that’s only because it’s so significant. You may ask several team members to spend days or weeks compiling the information that goes into this knowledge base. It should cover all the information customers would want to know. You can cull this from your website, your blog, your pricing pages, even your social media or landing pages. Whatever answers the question best, source that information.

One you complete your self-service knowledge base, you’re not done yet. As your company grows, changes, and evolves, you or another staff member will have to go back to the knowledge base and update it periodically.

If you create your knowledge base the right way, then your customers might not even have to reach out to you. The information they wanted was right there in the database for them to read and digest.


As discussed before, by customizing areas of your communication, like contact forms and autoresponders, you put the power in your hands. From branding to response efficiency, customization can play a big role in how effective your helpdesk system is.


While automation can step in and act as another employee or several for short-staff small businesses, companies of any size can enjoy the perks. While you should still answer as many questions as possible yourself and through your employees, chatbots and autoresponders work overtime when everyone else goes home for the day.

Automation can also pull conversations, create phone call transcripts, and move query tickets. In all, it keeps your business running smoothly.


Not only must you offer exceptional support, but on several channels as well. If you can switch between channels without breaking a sweat, then you’re doing your best for your customers.


We said it earlier in this guide, but it’s worth reiterating. If your help desk doesn’t integrate with your must-have software, programs, and tools, then it’s not something you want to use. Not only will you waste time switching from one program to another, but money, too. You have to pay to maintain subscriptions for multiple programs. If this is a small or mid-sized business we’re talking about, such a bill might exceed their budget.

Multi-Channel Ticketing

The right software will make tickets for you automatically. It’ll also categorize and even tag these tickets so nothing and no one ever falls through the cracks.

Reports and Analytics

Without analytics, you have no confidence in what’s working and what isn’t. Detailed reports will let you see where you may have fallen short in your approach, so you know what to work on. If you have tasted success, then you can keep replicating and tweaking your approach so you can continue to retain happy customers and maintain incoming ones as well.

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