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Customer is the KING and your relationship with them is important to drive your business growth, prosperity and success. When a business grows, customers grow as well. Hence, a well -designed CRM is what any business needs to manage various aspects.

CRM Software


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy or a combination of practices, strategies, and technologies for managing the company’s relationships and interactions with potential customers.


CRM saves Time & Money. In the initial days you probably handle a small number of clients whose details might be on your fingertips.when your business begins to grow you will have to keep up with business and maintain relationships and EngageBay helps you do this. CRM tool saves money and time for businesses by automating your daily tasks like sending emails updating contacts etc. This gives you time to work on higher-value tasks. Improve customer satisfaction Helps you To build and nurture customer relationship and hence connect with the customer for further business


EngageBay lets you automate your marketing and sales funnel in minutes with our automation tools and maintain all your support tickets and issues in one place. The Helpdesk module allows you to serve your customer through the same platform for the best customer experience. EngageBay's CRM software stores each and every interaction you had with the customer including calls, emails, meetings, notes and more Give your business the power of an all-in-one Sales, marketing and service automation.

Who can use?

  • Startups need to generate leads, engage them, and close more deals in less time and a CRM helps them in doing so.
  • SMB’s spend most of their time in lead generation and lead management. CRM gives them a better way to follow up on these leads and process opportunities
  • SaaS companies can cut down their time involved in marketing, leads generation, closing sales, customer support, and gathering customer feedback by using an Automated platform.

How to choose?

  • Define your business needs, Compare & Evaluate your needs with the CRM features
  • Try before you buy! Choose the one which gives you a free trial of their Enterprise plan
  • One which is affordable but rich in features.
  • Which can be customized when needed.
  • One with readily available API’s
  • Simply Choose EngageBay (It has got everything)

Perks of CRM Software

Powerful Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can save many hours by nurturing audience automatically with a series of email sequences. Set up emails that are triggered by the actions of visitors on your website. Also, let our system send the queued emails automatically as per their schedule. Using Email Broadcasts run promotions, offers and send newsletters to your customers at once. With EngageBay you would no longer miss sending follow-up emails to a prospect who is making progress through your sales funnel.

Powerful Marketing Automation

Sales Automation

EngageBay CRM helps you organize all your email contacts, track deals, and the sales pipeline to grow your sales, schedule appointments and build meaningful customer relationships. EngageBay offers a simple yet powerful way to efficiently manage all your important contacts. Gain deep customer insights to market and sell better. View your deal pipeline visually and track the status of every single deal. Each salesperson can publish his individual calendar or a team calendar so prospects can schedule appointments automatically without manual intervention.

Sales Automation

Service Automation

Use Automation to assign the right ticket to the right agent. Initiate a ticketing workflow based on changes or time-based conditions of a ticket. Use macros and respond quickly to repeated queries. Once a ticket is created, one can automatically assign it to agents, set ticket status, change ticket type, etc. By automating your support activities you stay organized and available all the time.

Service Automation

Why choose EngageBay?


All in one CRM’s are overpriced and offer limited features in their basic plans. EngageBay offers unlimited contacts with enterprise features at a much affordable price The ease of use and accessibility is widely recommended and appreciated by our users.

Cost-effective crm

Grab. Nurture. Sale

Inline and popup forms help you capture new leads and EngageBay’s holistic customer view gives you a complete view of every interaction you ever had with your leads and track every information. Dramatically improve your conversions by using our web forms. They are simple to create, and are stylish, responsive and render beautifully on any device. Display the right message at the right time and grow your subscriber lists significantly. Nurture these leads and convert them to delighted customers using our other powerful marketing tools.

capture new leads

Rich Email Templates & Landing Pages

Design beautiful and responsive email templates and landing pages using our simple designer. Choose from our wide selection of options to create your landing pages in minutes. Or, if you prefer to create your own from scratch, build it in less than two minutes using our simple and easy to use landing page builder. Access a wide collection of ready-made templates proven to convert. Once your landing pages are live, you could easily monitor how they perform. Have access to information like number of visitors, conversation rate; etc.

Rich Email Templates

Socialize like a Pro

Our all-in-one marketing platform enables you to effortlessly schedule and manage your social media posts from one place. Track and measure your channel engagement levels across all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more. Monitor brand mentions ensuring you’re on top of audience engagement at all times.

Socialize like a Pro


Divide your contacts into smaller groups based on similarities and common data points. Lists help you stay organized and target customers better. Smart lists continuously refresh themselves with new contacts that match the list's filter criteria and remove the contacts that no longer meet the criteria. Static lists, on the other hand, are snapshots of contacts that met certain filter criteria at the time of list creation. They do not refresh themselves.

list management

A/B Testing

Create and Evaluate the email message that is more engaging. Send emails with two different subject lines and see which one gets more open rate EngageBay lets you send both to a test group evaluates the performance. Want to know email template will be more engaging? Test two different templates and measure Open and click-through rates to decide.

A/B Testing

Schedule appointments

Make it easy for your clients to schedule appointments. Share calendar link in your signature or as a part of the email content and give your clients the power to schedule appointments at their convenience. Set up reminders for scheduled events and get notified before the meeting to avoid missing out. Automatically get all your appointments on your Google or office 365 calendars on to EngageBay

service reporting in engagebay


Engagebay takes customer interaction to a whole new level with its telephony feature. Make and receive calls with a single click without even leaving the system by integrating with third parties like Twilio RingCentral etc. Adding call notes will help you keep track of past conversations you had with your clients. Engagebay also lets you record important calls so that you don't miss out on needed information from your customers.

telephony feature

Real-time Tracking

Email tracking feature from Engagebay lets you know if your prospects have opened and read your emails. Use our powerful email tracker to keep track of your prospects actions. Get real-time notifications when someone opens an email or clicks a link in the email. You can also set up automation based on these actions to engage with hot leads just at the right time and increase conversion rate

Real-time Tracking


Sales gamification motivates your sales team to deliver results. Use our leaderboard feature to build competition among your sales reps with side-by-side comparisons of individual performance (calls made, deals won, revenue generated and more) Our leaderboard lets the user to customize their dashboard and can have real-time updates

Sales gamification

Simple yet Smart Live Chat

Give your customers the fastest, most effective way to interact with support agents to get their queries solved with EngageBay Livechat. Send a proactive message to initiate a chat. Gather customer information and behavior to personalize your approach. Have multiple agents join the chat to solve queries.

Smart Live Chat

Set Expected Timeframes

Support Level Agreement is an easy way to track down the time it takes for your agents to solve support requests/queries. These are contracts or agreements between a support agent and customers to track the time to solve support requests. It allows one to use the timer depending upon the status of the ticket raised.

Set Expected Timeframes

Account Based Marketing

Organize companies and the key contacts in each organization in one easy place and run personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. Measure every metric as email opens, the document reads, time spent and a whole lot more.

Account Based Marketing
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