Ensure best customer support every time by directing support tickets to the corresponding support group.

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Flexible ticket views to suit everyone!

Views help you organize your tickets by grouping them into lists based on different criteria. You can create a view for solved tickets that are assigned to you, a view for new tickets that need to be assigned, or a view for pending tickets. Using views can help you determine which tickets need attention from you or your team and plan accordingly.

A view consists of one or more conditions that define a collection of tickets to display. If the conditions are met, the ticket is included in the view. By using views you can easily search for tickets based on different criteria.


Agents who may handle conversations of a similar nature can be grouped. Grouping lets you streamline interactions and processes. Groups may be mapped to specific channels, or conversations may be moved to a specific group manually. You can have a load balance assignment turned on for assignment within the group.

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Support Groups

EngageBay lets you create groups depending on how you want to define your workflow and organize your agents. One can create groups by skill, issue, department, etc. and organize agents in different ways, such as areas of expertise, location or departments. Create groups for sales queries, technical issues or billing related support, etc and automatically direct incoming support tickets from customers to that corresponding support group.

Redirect Responses

Redirect Responses

Assign a group email address to each support group to ensure the query reaches the right place. Create a group for support, sales, billing, etc and assign them an email address that organizes tickets for that group and redirect replies to everyone in that group.

create your own groups in engagebay
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