MailerLite alternative

MailerLite Alternative - Engagebay Comparison

MailerLite’s features and pricing are attractive for small businesses. However, their offering is very limited. As your business grows in numbers and in quality, you would find yourself buying more integrations in addition to MailerLite renewals.

What if you got

  1. All features of MailerLite (in an advanced avatar!)
  2. An all-in-one marketing suite (covers all your marketing needs in one tool!)
  3. in the same price range?

Surprised, right? EngageBay is a unified marketing tool which covers all marketing channels, and goes beyond just email marketing. Our pricing won’t require you to rob your bank or avail more loans.


Create email broadcasts and landing pages in the same tool

As a MailerLite user, you might have to pay for an additional tool for landing pages. While the EngageBay platform is built for small businesses, our landing page designer is anything but small. In fact, it is even more powerful than our email designer. You can finally stop constructing your landing pages, and truly “design” them.


Create sequences and power them with automation's

The MailerLite automation features are hidden deep within the interface. EngageBay’s email sequences are prominently displayed and have loads of customization options. Create automation triggers to execute quick actions when a customer interacts with emails in that sequence.


Graduate from email construction to email design

Most email designers provides primitive components into their templates to customize them. EngageBay’s email designer has templates to customize templates. Forget coding - you don’t even have to design your own components.


Save money with smartly priced plans

EngageBay has added generous number of FREE emails in every plan. Every plan is rechargeable with more email packs at dirt-cheap prices. Our Enterprise plan is a complete marketing package that costs less than $200 / month.


Get a complete picture of every customer

If you use MailerLite, then getting all the data for a single customer is a cumbersome operation. EngageBay’s 360-degree view of every customer pulls data from different modules. It shows you the complete history of interactions with that customer - on a single screen.

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