Benefits of having a CRM System - Is CRM really necessary?

Customers are useful to you for improving your product and your business. You can rely on them for valuable feedback and from this feedback, you get new ideas or better ways to implement existing ideas. To do all that, you need to understand them and apply that knowledge to your business.

Below are a few key facts from this assimilated collection of CRM usage statistics; these results were extracted from several reports on CRM

  • Modern consumers get real-time mobile access to their customer data thanks to Cloud CRM solutions. So many components of marketing and customer delight are dependent on this customer data that current projections put CRM to rise to about $80 Billion market size by 2025.
  • A Forrester Survey of over 1000 European organizations demonstrated a sales quota completion of 35% for companies using Mobile CRM. The sales quota completions at organizations that do not use mobile CRM were pegged at 22%.

We will talk about the advantages of mobile CRM over on-premises CRM a little later in our guide. The benefits discussed hereon forward are for CRM in general, although certain benefits are much more prominent for mobile CRM.

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