Features of a CRM

CRM has a lot of features. But you will find a set of common features in every CRM system on the market. Let’s explore these features.

  • Contact Management: You can store unlimited custom fields in your desired format (besides the name, phone number and email address) in most modern CRM systems. Some of these fields can also be populated by extracting data from integrated systems. Premium CRM companies go beyond this - by enabling your salespeople to track all the customer activity on a single screen. This feature is a lifesaver for a salesperson, who wants to juggle a number of leads with ease and finesse and without error. Some high-end CRM systems are so sophisticated that they integrate your email inside the contacts module to allow you to monitor customer emails without leaving the CRM app. Explore Contact Management with EngageBay
  • Project Management: By helping you track and monitor the execution of your sales process, the CRM lets you get rid of yet another external software. In some systems, you can also easily filter sales tasks based on their date and completion status and generate reports of these tasks on the sales dashboard. These detailed features are a solid indication that the CRM company really cares about helping its customers. Explore Project Management with EngageBay
  • Telephony: Robust call monitoring and tracking features are at the heart of the CRM. Beyond this, they also help you provide more personal, highly context-rich customer service on every call by having all the details of the customer available on a single click. In some CRM systems, you can also set call reminders so you remember to call the lead only in the timeslot they are comfortable in, and not outside of that. Automated call tracking is also provided in certain CRM systems with sales notes and task assignments linked directly with the call. Explore Telephony with EngageBay
  • Appointment Scheduling: Yet another problem that many salespeople face is the back and forth of emails to schedule/reschedule the appointments. Smart CRM systems solve this problem by making your calendar public to let the leads schedule the appointment in your calendar. Premium CRM systems allow you to sync your personal calendar with your online calendar to avoid any blind spots. Some CRM systems even enable you to automate lead collection - all the while your lead is scheduling the appointment. Explore Appointment Scheduling with EngageBay
  • Sales and CRM Reporting: You can generate reports of your sales and marketing activities to identify trends and diagnose problems in your pipelines. With cuztomizable dashboards, you can combine various parameters to generate custom reports. Certain CRM systems allow you to generate growth graphs periodically so you can track the pace of your growth. Premium CRMs deliver reports automatically to your inbox. One of the truly sophisticated CRM features is the ability to visualize your funnels and your deals traversing through those funnels. Using visual clues you can glance at how fast your deals are progressing. Explore Sales Reporting with EngageBay
  • Lead Scoring: A mature CRM system can use the lead’s interaction across all channels to ensure the lead’s score is more in tune with his/her interest in doing business with you. Based on these scores, your sales team can allocate their time appropriately to focus on the warmest leads before they turn cold. Smart CRM systems can also assign a separate score to deals connected to each lead. This deal score is based on how close the deal is to closing. Thus, separate lead and deal scoring helps your sales team avoid lead leakage and avoid low priority leads. Explore Lead Scoring with EngageBay
  • Deal Management: CRM can make it easy to manage multiple ongoing deals by helping organize deal as per the sales stage they are in. A mature CRM understands that your business may sell more than one product/service and hence offers multiple deal tracks and multiple stages in each track. Having your deal pipeline visualized across all revenue streams removes the scope of anxiety from your sales process. Explore Deal Management with EngageBay
  • 360-degree Customer View: Having a holistic view of your customer is important. Mature CRM systems know that for this screen to be truly useful, it must supply data from the same data source to every team. With the brand interaction and social feed also recorded, CRM reveals strategic insights for customer engagement. Explore 360-degree Customer View with EngageBay
  • Sales Gamification: Your Sales team needs to stay motivated in the face of reguar rejection. The key to great sales performance is sustained motivation. A CRM system can help manage the motivation levels of your sales team through badges, contests, and leaderboards. Explore Sales Gamification with EngageBay
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