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Sales CRM system for small business. EngageBay offers a free sales management software to manage online Sales & Marketing, with advanced automation and 50+ features.

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Free Sales CRM

Simple Contact Management

Our free sales CRM software gives you a complete view of every interaction you have ever had with your leads. Maintain and organize all the contacts and companies in one place. Gain deep customer insights to sell better. Build stronger customer relationships to convert quickly and smoothly with EngageBay's sales CRM.

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Nurture Leads

Let your sales agents deliver perfectly every time on every call using EngageBay Call Scripts. These scripts help them in nurturing the lead and also ensure that they never fall short of words in a conversation. Rely on the best sales CRM for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Automated tasks & Appointment scheduling

Streamline the sales processes by creating tasks and add tasks automatically when a lead is assigned to the agent. Each sales agent can publish his individual calendar or a team calendar so prospects can schedule appointments automatically without any manual intervention. The calendar stays full automatically so the team can focus exclusively on sales. EngageBay's complete CRM for Sales has your back at all times.

Appointment scheduling

Make Calls from CRM

Receive and make calls to your contacts without ever leaving your CRM. Eliminate various call constraints like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops. Call Broadcast auto-dials numbers pertaining to a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents as a smooth feature of your free CRM software for Sales.

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Enhance sales efficiency using automation

Automate your marketing and sales funnel in minutes using our advanced sales automation tool. Nurture your contacts and increase engagement instantly. Send newsletters to your customers. Measure email opens, clicks and other important metrics in a jiffy. Personalize the engagement based on the customer's behavior. EngageBay's Sales CRM tool takes care of your routine operations while your sales team can focus on the real job.

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CRM Analytics

Track every metric of customer behavior and get insights into pages read, time spent per page and lots more. Use our powerful email tracker to keep track of your prospect's actions. Be notified when someone opens an email or clicks a link in the email. EngageBay's breakthrough sales CRM software has it all.

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Sales Gamification

Gamify your sales processes in simple steps in our free sales CRM. Keep your entire sales team motivated and focused by publishing leaderboards and rewarding the winners. Use goal-setting, self-reflection and feedback to drive the sales behaviors you need and the overall sales performance excellence.

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Custom Reports

Create customized reports using different criteria and generate metrics needed to improve the performance of your sales team. With EngageBay, you have the best sales CRM to understand how your sales reps are engaging with your customers. Use our custom reporting and monitor in real-time how your teams are performing against the goals you’ve set.

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I highly recommend the tool. It's an awesome tool for a startup like us.

Garma Gay D.

Technical Helpdesk Support Analyst, Atos
testimonial by Garma
I was using ActiveCampaign but the costs were adding up quite quickly. I tried other platforms but the automation sequence offered by ActiveCampaign is not easy to find, until, I got Engagebay. The platforms offer an awesome automation platform for emails, plus landing pages and forms. It works quite well and can be a perfect substitute.

Leonardo W.

Founder, Wolff Consultoria
testimonial by Leonardo
A full-featured marketing platform. With this, you have all you need to get started and succeed. Having all in one platform make any marketer job much easier.

Santiago B.

Southern Europe Director, Triptease
testimonial by Santiago
Enabled me to easily capture details of interested parties for my products. Ease of use Feature set. Excellent customer service.

Raymond B.

IT Project Manager, BespokeIT/Corp Networking Limited
testimonial by raymond
It covers everything a small business sales/marketing team needs.

Gergely Csaba N.

Online Marketing, Chamaileon
testimonial by Gergely
I love the landing page builder and ability to import a URL and basically create any type of landing page. This makes creating funnels super easy. You can then customize it to suit your needs. I also liked the fact that the landing pages and automation were all in the same tool. This saves time and makes it so much easier to do email marketing.

Vandana Taxali

Intellectual Property, Digital Media & Entertainment Lawyer
testimonial by Vandana
I like how they give you access to all these marketing and CRM/sales features in one dashboard. It could easily replace a number of other tools you are using right now. Pricing is fair for what you get too and I also really like the file repository feature that bigger marketing teams will really appreciate. I would be happy to recommend this tool to my clients.

Paul T.

eMarketing Strategist, Paul Therond Consulting
testimonial by Paul
This product is just like HubSpot. I cannot believe the price, so far I've used it for 2 weeks and those guys have added 2 features more.

Ivana B

Founder, New Marketing.Agency
testimonial by Ivana
Most basic and advanced tools you need in your online business is inside Engagebay, from lead generation, email marketing, page builder, CRM (alternative for Hubspot and Infusionsoft) and my most favorite is the marketing automation.

Jan Patrick T

Executive Managing Broker, Greatway Financial Inc
testimonial by Jan
All its tools and functions are good, but what I like most are the automation and programming in social networks along with landing pages, pop-ups, and forms that together help me increase traffic and in the short term generate sales.

Dioshai G

Web Developer, Huawei Technologies
testimonial by Dioshai
The software is easy to set up and implement. I feel EngageBay is quickly becoming a marketing automation competitor to the premium SAAS offerings. EngageBay's customer support has been very responsive and helped me resolve an implementation issue almost immediately.

Shawn L

Marketing Manager, List Biological Laboratories, Inc
testimonial by Shawn
I highly recommend the tool. It's an awesome tool for a startup like us.

Garma Gay D.

Technical Helpdesk Support Analyst, Atos
testimonial by Garma
I was using ActiveCampaign but the costs were adding up quite quickly. I tried other platforms but the automation sequence offered by ActiveCampaign is not easy to find, until, I got Engagebay. The platforms offer an awesome automation platform for emails, plus landing pages and forms. It works quite well and can be a perfect substitute.

Leonardo W.

Founder, Wolff Consultoria
testimonial by Leonardo

Key Features of Sales CRM

Data Analytics

Data is definitely the new oil. For sales, it is no different. Analysis of prospects' data is crucial in order to know their intent, score them accordingly, and identify new opportunities.

Report of Sales Activity

It is crucial for your sales software to save previous reports of sales activity. This will allow your sales team members to keep track of past sales activity and easily reconcile accounts.

End-to-end Interaction Management

Every interaction that your team has had with your customers, right from enquiry or placing of an order until deal closure should be easily accessible in your sales software.

Management of Inventory

The ability to manage and update inventory efficiently is another very important feature of your sales software. This helps your sales team stay ahead of the customers and minimize shortage and its associated costs.

Holistic 360-degree Prospects’ View

Your sales software should enable a holistic view of prospects both at the macro and micro levels, to create personalized sales approaches. Filtering of prospects based on demographic data is a key feature that EngageBay offers for free, but most Sales CRM platforms do not.

Third-party Software Integration

For a sales CRM software to drive results, it must receive data from all the units of the company. Your sales CRM software should integrate with other platforms seamlessly. EngageBay is a holistic CRM sales software with sales, marketing, social media and support hubs all integrated into one powerful platform.

Data Security

Any sales software without a high level of security is a formula for disaster. Security must be an integral part of a sales CRM software, as it handles a high volume of sensitive customer info. EngageBay has you covered on this front, so you can add any information about your contacts without worrying about data leaks.

Ease of Use

A complex software does not make for good user experience. Your sales team members are not techies. If they need to spend hours learning the software, the productivity suffers. EngageBay has an intuitive and user-friendly UI, and a ready support team to help out users 24/7.

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sales crm blog

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