Sell smarter and grow faster with EngageBay’s Free CRM

EngageBay Free CRM helps you organize all your contacts, track deals, and the sales pipeline to grow your sales, and build meaningful customer relationships at no cost. Grow your business and boost your revenue using our unified platform.

EngageBay’s Free CRM

The benefits of free CRM for small businesses


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalization


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

Unlimited contacts

Import unlimited contacts into your CRM. Manage all these contacts and companies in one place. Get access to the complete customer profile in terms of their contact details, their recent and past interactions, interests, engagement patterns, response rates, social presence, calls notes, task history on a single page.

unlimited contacts in engagebay crm

Web Forms and Popups

Grow your engagement levels like never before. Improve your conversions by using our web forms and popups. They are simple to create, stylish, responsive and render beautifully on any device. Display the right message at the right time and grow your subscriber lists significantly.

web forms and popups in free crm

Tasks & Appointments

Boost your agent's productivity by creating tasks. Automatically Create a task for your sales reps when a lead is assigned to them. Track the closed and open tasks. Make it easy for your clients to schedule appointments. Share calendar link in your signature or as a part of the email content and give your clients the power to schedule appointments at their convenience.

schedule appointments in engagebay crm

Reporting Dashboard

Engagebay’s CRM reporting dashboard lets you create your own custom reports using different criteria. You can create reports on deals, revenue generated, leads, etc. Create a sales funnel and see leads moving through different stages visually. Graphical reporting gives you a picture of different deals at different stages.

sales reporting in engagebay crm

Deals & Pipeline Management

Deal management software offered by EngageBay streamlines the sales processes and improves efficiency. Create multiple tracks for your deals to match your business needs. Manage your pipeline real-time, to identify individual and team performance. Drag and drop deals between different stages with EngageBay's Deal Management.

manage deals in engagebay crm

Social Suite

Effortlessly schedule and manage your social media posts from one place. Track and measure your channel engagement levels across all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more. Monitor brand mentions ensuring you’re on top of audience engagement at all times.

social suite in engagebay crm

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