Adding a Company in EngageBay

Add a new company in EngageBay and customize its properties

Engagebay allows you to add a company or companies in the system. This is especially significant for business to business transactions considering that you are dealing with multiple companies with multiple tasks and deals for each one. Multiple individuals may even be involved serving as a point of contact for their respective companies. EngageBay company feature improves your efficiency and productivity by allowing you to closely monitor every aspect involved with your business dealings to other established businesses. The platform provides easy segmentation and data organization.

adding a company in engagebay

You may store company details like:

1. Name - The legal name of the Company.

2. Company Domain - the main website of the company.

3. Phone number - The company phone number.

4. Address - The company’s physical location.

The platform also allows you to keep track of other aspects related to the company like:

1. Activities - EngageBay internal platform activities. Like creating a company with details as to who and when it's created. Email sending, details update, and all other internal activities performed within EngageBay on the company and its associated contacts.

2. Deals - Shows all the deals related to the company.

3.Task - Shows all the tasks related to the company.

4. Emails - Shows all emails involving the contact or contacts connected to the company.

5. Note - All the notes created for the company

6. Events - Shows all events related to the company.

engagebay companies management

Adding a Company in Engagebay

A Company can be created manually or even get a company added when entered by a user in a form on your site. If you need to do it in bulk, you can import them via a CSV file.

Manually Adding a Company

Engagebay allows you to manually add a company. Just follow the steps indicated below:

1. Please make sure you are in the Sales platform first. Go up to the upper left side then click on platform switch, and make sure you choose "Sales". Proceed to Contacts tab and select “Companies”.

customize company field in engagebay

2. On the "Companies" page, click on "create new" and fill out the required info Company Name and some other details you like to fill out. Once everything is done then press "submit".

create new company in engagebay

3. You will now see the company you added.

add new company in engagebay

Getting a Company added automatically by form submission.

A Company can also be added automatically when it is submitted via an EngageBay form. Just make sure the following is set up correctly on your forms.

1. Make sure your form is using the pre-made company field available in the options when you add a field on your form.

manage a company in engagebay

2. Once your form is out on the web, whether be it an inline form, a pop-up form, a form associated with the appointment scheduler as long as it is an EngageBay form using the company field, it will then add a company automatically when someone submits a form and fill out the company field.

customize a company in engagebay

Getting Companies added in bulk via a CSV file.

Companies can also be added via a CSV file. You may need to do this if you already have a list of companies in a file or you are migrating from another platform and you just exported out your “companies” data. Please follow the steps below to import companies.

1. Make sure you have your CSV file ready. It may be a CSV export from another platform or a sheet like Microsoft excel or google sheets saved as CSV file.

2. Click on import, choose the CSV file you saved by choosing its location on your computer and click upload.

import csv file

3. Match the columns of your CSV file to the available columns within EngageBay. If there are custom fields you need to add, please create the custom field(s) ahead within the EngagBay system before starting the import.

4. Once you are done matching everything, just click import and wait for the process to complete. Once done, all the companies imported will now show on EngageBay.

You can also select all or some of your companies for CSV export. You may need to do this for reporting purposes or transferring/migrating data.

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