Creating Landing Pages

Convert casual website visitors to customers using landing pages that convert.

A landing page is a page where a user lands on after clicking an ad or a link in an email. It can make or break your campaign. It should be designed specifically to suit the type of campaign you are running. It should be vibrant and easy to navigate to make it easy for the visitor to find interesting content. It should have an impactful appeal to make the user want more. Making the visitor subscribe and become a lead.

landing pages in engagebay

Content defines much of what needs to be done. EngageBay provides a builder to make it easy for you to create the needed content. It also provides a highly functional platform to provide lead capturing and backend configurations for on-page SEO and tracking codes - as well as visitor monitoring system.

Creating Landing Pages

1. Be sure you are under “Marketing platform” then click on 'Landing Pages' tab then click on “create landing page” button.

create landing pages in engagebay

2. You can choose from the available landing page templates, create a custom one or even manually code your own. We will proceed by choosing a pre-made template.

landing page templates

3. To move an element using drag and drop function, hover your mouse to the upper left corner of each element.

drag and drop landing page designer

4. To make changes to the element through the source code, just click on the bracket icon

design landing page in engagebay

5. To access the 'Detail Editor' click on the gear icon.

landing page editor

6.The 'Detail Editor' would allow you to make changes to the element style, background image, and animation.

easy landing page editor

7. To add an element, click on the plus (+) icon.

add elements to landing pages

Then choose from the available elements that you could easily drag and drop to your page editor.

landing page editor

8. Once you are good with the elements on your page, click on the 'Save' button and you should be able to name your landing page.

save landing pages

9. The 'Settings' tab allows you to set which contact list the subscribers to this page will be added to. You also have an option to set on page SEO Meta title, Description, and keywords. You can access it via the Settings tab then choose the General option on the left side.

landing page seo settings

10. Form Settings - this is relevant if you used any of the built-in form builders of a landing page whether it be the forms or the pop-ups. It will allow you to define what will happen after they submit a form. Whether it be a success message or redirect to another page.

landing page form settings

11. Double Opt-in Email and autoresponders are also part of the settings you can configure if you used the landing page's form builder. Double Opt-in Email is for security, making sure you, the owner of the email is the one that made the registration, while the autoresponder is an automatic email sent welcoming you as a registrant.

opt-in landing pages

12. Tracking - is an area where you can enter tracking codes like google analytic code, FB pixel and other tracking code for performance monitoring.

tracking landing pages

13. CNAME- this is used if you want to customize your landing page URL and set it up based on your sites domain name. Specific instructions are available for this depending on the host and the platform you use.

cname in landing page

14. Contacts - this page will contain all the contact you gathered using your specific landing page. It will collect the contact information using the landing page inline form and pop-up forms.

landing page contacts

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I wanted to recommend EngageBay to all those small businesses out there that are looking to grow their businesses through a marketing and sales automation platform. We've been able to see a great adaption of our agency clients to the EngageBay platform and being able to leverage their digital marketing efforts.

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