Creating a Static List

Segment customers using filters and save the contacts to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Leads captured are gathered based on a certain campaign that piqued a certain kind of interest. However, leads do not get nurtured equally, some are more likely to convert than others. Some develop into some form of partnerships, some become an affiliate, some are VIPs and some are critics. This means you cannot treat all leads the same way and every group needs individual attention.

Static lists in EngageBay provide a very special segmentation that can group similar contacts and add them to a list. You may then run your email marketing campaigns targeting specific lists to get the best possible results.

How to create a Static List in EngageBay?

To create a static list you simply have to do the following:

1. Go to "Contacts tab" then into lists.

create static list in engagebay

2. Click on "Create List" button.

static list options in engagebay

3. Create the list by giving it a name and hit save.

naming static list in engagebay

4. It will now show the list open with its content. You can see all the lists you created under the Lists option.

view static lists in engagebay
static lists in engagebay

How to add contacts to a Static List in EngageBay:

1. You can manually add contacts in a static list by going into the contact details of a specific contact, or you can add a number of contacts by selecting them under contacts then click on bulk action and “add to a static list”.

adding contacts to static list
static list options

2. You can also use automation or workflow to get contacts added to a static list.

automations in static list

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