Creating a Setup Workflow

Workflow is a set of repetitive activities that comprise the process of performing a task from initiation to completion. Identifying these processes in your business and having a platform to handle or even automate them would greatly increase the efficiency of your business.

EngageBay provides a platform that handles these workflows for you.

Create your business workflow with the use of "Actions" and/or "Conditions" or a combination of both that automatically interact with each other and can be triggered by manual execution or automation.

1. Workflows use the same set of actions and conditions that are used in automations. The difference is that the workflow does not have a trigger event and has to be executed manually.

engagebay workflows

2. A single contact or multiple contacts can also be subjected to a workflow by selecting a contact or several contacts and executing workflow under bulk actions.

multiple contacts

Marketing Expert from WebXpertos

I wanted to recommend EngageBay to all those small businesses out there that are looking to grow their businesses through a marketing and sales automation platform. We've been able to see a great adaption of our agency clients to the EngageBay platform and being able to leverage their digital marketing efforts.

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