Creating Tasks in EngageBay

Streamline the business processes and stay organized using tasks.

Each individual involved in a business has a set of responsibilities and those responsibilities are fulfilled via a task or a series of tasks. The completion or non-completion of individual tasks is a driving force that may push or halt the success of the business as a whole.

Individual tasks organization and monitoring are crucial for the day to day operation of a business. EngageBay provides a “Task” feature which is a shared platform where you can record all the relevant information about all the tasks involved in your business and monitor the progress of the task until completion.

Adding Tasks in EngageBay

The steps below show you how you can add a “Task” in EngageBay:

1. Make sure that you are on the Sales platform. Click on "Tasks" on the top menu.

tasks in engagebay

2. On the "Tasks" page, click on "Create Tasks" button on the upper right. A setup pane will then pop-up. Fill out all the required field and other important fields you deemed necessary then press save below.

create tasks in engagebay

3. You will now see the task you created under the task column where it belongs. That same task will be moving through the other tasks columns as it progresses.

track tasks in engagebay

Tasks Details

Required Information:

1. Name - A unique name set for the tasks for easy identification.

2. Type - The kind of task you need for your business. It can be set as “To do”, “Call” or “Email” or any other types which are relevant for your business.

3. Priority - It simply indicates the importance of a task. It can be high, medium or low.

4. Due Date - The date when the task should be completed. This is an important measure of the tasks completion timeliness.

5. Status - This indicates the current status of a task. It can be set as “Not started”, “In progress”, “Waiting” or “Completed”.

6. Owner - This simply indicates the person responsible for completing the task.

Other Information:

1. Email reminder - A reminder email to remind you of the due date. Not necessary but good to have.

2. Contact - Allows you to associate one or more contacts to the tasks. This is good if other people are involved in the completion of tasks or the tasks is for a certain client/contact.

3. Company - Allows you to add one or more company name. Good to indicate if it involves another company.

4. Deal - Allows you to associate a deal. This is good if the task is related to a certain deal in the pipeline.

5. Notes - Any other relevant information you wish to add.

Tasks Viewing Features

EngageBay Task feature helps you keep track of individual tasks. The table view allows efficient monitoring of tasks. “Bulk Action” option will also only appear in this view.

1. Table View - All the tasks will appear in rows looking like a list. You can further sort this out by viewing it based on user or a certain time range.

task list in engagebay

2. Grid View - The task will appear in columns. It actually shows more details because each column corresponds to a certain aspect. You may sort them further by viewing tasks assigned to a user or by time range. You may also view the tasks based on “status”, type” or “priority”.

task grid view in engagebay
task options in engagebay

3. There is also an additional option to view the tasks based on “status” on the right side. You can view all the “open tasks”, tasks due today, due this week, overdue and completed.

Getting all your business tasks registered in EngageBay CRM and knowing how to properly sort them can greatly increase your efficiency by easily keeping track of the progress and completion of individual tasks. This can also show individual performance which enables you to help and push individuals to complete their tasks.

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