Creating Popup Forms

Learn how to build popup forms to capture leads and engage web visitors better.

Engagebay Pop-up form is a lead capturing system. As the name suggests - a"pop-up" is a form that pops up or on your webpages. It’s a way to get the user to respond to a "call to action".

You can strategically create these forms to capture leads based on their behavioural patterns. These pop-ups can be targeted on returning visitors, visitors spending a certain amount of time on the page, browsed through a certain portion of the page or even to someone who is trying to exit the page.

lead capture forms in engagebay

Creating Popup Forms

This steps below will guide you in creating popup forms in EngageBay.

1. On your dashboard, hover your mouse over "Forms" tab, click on 'Popup Forms', then press on 'Create Popup Form' button to start creating a pop-up form.

create popup form in engagebay

2. Name your form and choose what form type and position it would show up through the Style tab

popup styles

3. The 'Call to Action' tab would allow you to either disable or enable call to actions. You would also have an option to change the text on the form itself.

popup CTA

4. The 'Themes' tab allows you to choose from available themes for your form.

popup themes

5. The "Look & Feel" sub-tab under 'Design' tab allows you to make changes to the form design.

design web popups in engagebay

6.The 'Fields' sub-tab under the "Design" tab will allow you to modify existing fields or add new ones.

customize web popups

7. The 'Thank You' options under "Settings" tab allows you to set a redirect URL for a thank you page or use a small popup window as a thank you for each subscriber.

popup settings

8. The 'Main Settings' sub-tab under "Settings" tab allows you to set a 'Conditions' and 'Display Options' as well.

conditions in web popups

9. You could also enable and set up double opt-in Email.

optin for web popups

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