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A deal in a business context is a business agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit. With that definition in mind, a deal is a common thing in any kind of business. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, there is always some kind of agreement that is mutually beneficial. A deal involves a lot of detail, it can be related to a series of tasks that needs to be accomplished, it involves 2 or more individuals and may even involve 2 or more companies. There will be communications in different forms and via different channels, like emails, calls and so on. The success of a deal is an important matter for the success of the business as a whole. To ensure a deal's success, all data involving the matter should be properly documented for proper monitoring and timely execution of deliverables of all the parties involved.

deals in EngageBay is a feature where you can record all important information relating to the deal and organize deals with proper segmentation for efficient monitoring.

deals in EngageBay allows you to record and keep track of these data:

Required information

1. Name - Name of the deal to uniquely identify the deal among other deals.

2. Track - A path where the deal progresses to completion. This is a pipeline where the deal journeys through.

3. Milestone - Sub-objectives or stages of a track. You can also consider this as stages in a pipeline.

4. Amount - The monetary amount involved with the deal.

5. Owner - The person who the deal is assigned to and is responsible for closing the deal.

deal in engagebay
Other Information you can enter:

1. Description - A short sentence describing the deal.

2. Close Date - The deadline for the completion of the deal.

3. Contacts - People involved in the deal.

4. Companies - Company(s) involved in the deal.

Besides the standard information, you can also create “custom fields for deals.

Other details about the deal that you can track:

1. Activities - all activities that are performed during the course of closing the deal.

2. Note: all the notes pertaining to the deal.

3. Task - All the tasks set up within EngageBay that are related to the deal.

4. Events - All events associated to the deal.

A deal in EngageBay passes through a track/pipeline which is separated by milestones. This structure allows efficient monitoring of the deals progress through the various deal stages.

Creating deal tracks in Engagebay

Creating or adding a deal in EngageBay would require you to have a deal track first wth properly defined milestones, based on the nature of the deal. The steps below will show you how to create a deal track in EngageBay.

1. You need to be on the “Deal Tracks” management page first. There are 2 ways to get there. You can click on “account avatar” on the upper right, then go to “account settings”, then choose “Deal Tracks”. If you are on the deals page under the sales platform - you can click on the arrow pointing down” on the right of “Your Sales Track” then click on “Manage Tracks”

deals engagebay
dealtracks in engagebay

2. The track management page allows you to edit, delete and create tracks. Editing and creating tracks will let you work on the same parameters. To create a new track, click on "Create Track".

add new deal

3. It will take you to the page where you can see the milestones listed. You can name the track here and also drag and drop the milestones to rearrange them. You can also delete, edit and add new milestones.

deal milestones

4. To edit or create a milestone you may click edit/add milestones, configure all the necessary info like the milestone name, the probability percentage, the header color. After you define each milestone, please save the track too.

5. You can then see the updated or newly created "Deal Track" listed. It is also available as an option when you edit existing deals or create a new deal.

Creating/Adding a deal In Engagebay

After creating a “Deal Tack” with properly defined milestones, you can now add/create a deal in EngageBay. Just follow the steps below.

1. Make sure you are on the Sales platform then just click on the “Deals” tab and click on “Create New”

deal in engagebay

2. You can now create/add a “deal”. Make sure you fill out all the required field like “Name”, “Track”, “Milestone”, “Amount” and “Owner”. The rest of the data you can fill them out as needed. Once you are done with the setup, make sure you press save below

deals engagebay

3. You will now see the "deal" you have created.

add new deal
Monitoring deals In EngageBay:

A business would normally have multiple deals at a time that involves different parties with different people responsible for each. The platform allows you to easily view and sort out deals based on the need. There are 2 main methods to view deals in EngageBay - grid view and table view.

Grid View

Allows you to view all the deals in columns showing a pipeline and all the deals within their respective milestone or stages. You can drag and drop deals to move them to other milestones. You can even change the track to view deals on other tracks.

deal stages in engagebay
deal navigation in engagebay
Table View

Deals in table view can be subjected to bulk action and can be sorted using filters. This view is best used when you desire to perform a certain action on multiple deals using bulk actions. This is also ideal if you want to view deals based on a certain condition that can be defined by the use of “filters”.

deal table view in engagebay

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